Wechat is the most influential social media in China

In 2022, one of the important elements, in creating an effective marketing strategy on a large scale, is listening. With globalization, Chinese social media now play a major role in the development of new industries. As a result, many companies are tempted to adopt more and more social media to extend their brand. In China, one of the leaders in this field is WeChat

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WeChat is China’s most popular Chat App

As social media continues to evolve in China, a report revealed that Chinese users are largely satisfied with the Changement brought by social media. The overall score attributed to people on the impact of social media on their lives is 79.8, unlike other age groups, those born in the 1990s, who are more puzzled about the impact of Social networks on everyday life.

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WeChat in 2022

More than 330 million WeChat users 1.2883 trillion monthly active users are video calling. There are 780 million active users on WeChat Moments, and 120 million updates. 360 million people use the official account for WeChat content network.

WeChat evolved from an instant messaging application to meet the digital needs for more than 1.27 million MAU in Q4-2021. More than 120 million people post daily in social networking Moments. 360 million users read Official Accounts articles and 500 million users have access to Mini Programs (Q1-2022).

WeChat daily active advertiser grew by more than 30% in Q4 2021. Mini Programs were used as landing pages for advertisements and connected users to customer service representatives via WeCom. More than a third of Moments’ advertising revenues were generated.

WeChat video accounts’ time per user and total videos viewed more than doubled in 2022 as Tencent enhanced content diversity and improved the product experience.

WeChat Pay

WeChat Pay is the 2nd most popular payments platform in China It had 900 million active WeChat Pay users in 2021-2022.

WeChat Mini Programs

According to official WeChat data, the daily active users of WeChat Mini Programs topped 450 million in January 2022. Year-on-year, the transaction volume in catering, tourism, retail increased by 100%. As of Q1 2022, Mini Program DAU had reached 500 million.

There are more than 3 million Mini Program developers.

According to the social media impact report from Kantar, in this world where everyone is connected, WeChat remains one of the most popular social media in China, even though it is increasingly competing with Weibo. Nowadays, many companies are investing in social media functions to increase user engagement. Moreover, as China has become a highly mobile society, people are now more “socialized” on all types of applications.

More than half of WeChat users in China spend more than one hour per day on the platform, and nearly a fifth of them work there for more than 4 hours a day. According to the first “WeChat Impact Report” published last year, 86% of WeChat users are between the ages of 18 and 35. This is very revealing, as consumers aged less than 35 years will account for nearly 65% ​​of China’s consumption growth over the next five years.

WeChat: The biggest social media app

With more than 1.2 billions unique users registered, the Chinese social media WeChat created in 2011 is China’s most popular social media channel. WeChat has also gained notoriety in Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore, where it generally ranks among the top five social media and communications applications for Android and iOS.

According to the parent company Tencent, in March 2022, the WeChat mobile messaging application had around 1.2 Bllion users worldwide, giving it the status of one of the most popular chat applications in the world. According to the Beijing-based data-processing company QuestMobile, WeChat’s monthly active user base totaled 706.7 million during the same period, accounting for 93% of the company’s global number and Dominant leadership as the most popular mobile application in China.

Wechat a Marketing weapon ?

Then, for all companies wishing to settle in China, it is important for them to consider WeChat as the main weapon in their digital marketing strategy. In addition to features: voice chat, text messaging, photo and video sharing, and sharing personal reviews of your life’s photos. WeChat has the particularity of allowing users to book taxis, physician appointments, Pay bills, get instructions, order food, read articles, and without having to switch between applications.

One of the important aspects of this application is incorporated e-commerce, allowing companies to market and sell directly to a highly engaged public. WeChat is very different from other social media channels because it is more private, it is essential to know the number or the identifier of someone to be able to discuss with them. So for companies, it is important that people share WeChat because they can use the official function of the page to publish news and blogs.

WeChat new trends

The importance of WeChat in the eyes of traders is not only due to its number of users. It has something else that sellers want the user to come up with repeatedly and for long periods. And some new functionality on WeChat could make it more and more convenient.

The wallet functionality has proved very popular in China, with 60 percent of users registering for the service even if a Chinese bank or credit card is required. Outside of China, only users in South Africa can benefit from WeChat’s mobile payment services. If they do not have a bank account, they can supplement their digital portfolio by using money from different traders and the ATMs of some banks. WeChat has deployed its cross-border payment service in more than 20 countries over the last few weeks, allowing Chinese tourists to pay for their purchases abroad using WeChat Wallet while avoiding embarrassing credit card fees.

Advertising on the platform has also increased since 2017-2022. Indeed, WeChat has generated revenues from native ads that appear sporadically in the Moments stream of users. The ads in WeChat Moments are premium ads, this space is usually sold to major brands that pay the best dollar for the format. But WeChat’s main source of advertising revenue, about 50 percent, comes from advertisements in the public accounts of businesses that are passed on to users when they follow their favorite business or brand.

Many users are more enthusiastic than the company’s move into virtual reality. Indeed, Tencent unveiled its plans to produce a virtual reality screen mounted on the head and a compatible gaming console. Thanks to this, Tencent could build an ecosystem of virtual reality games and applications that could bring technology closer to millions of users of the application.

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