List of fruits importers in China

Chinese consumers start to consumer fruits, and imported fruit market start to be a good business for distributors and importers in China.

From cherries to oranges, the Chinese love story with imported fruits

Fruits are currently one of the trendiest food in China. Lifestyles are changing and the Chinese care more and more about their health. Since wages increased with China’s economic growth, the Chinese are now looking for quality products.

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And in China, quality can easily rhyme with foreign products!

Chinese people’s taste for fruits is booming in China: importing 5.5 million tons of fruits in 2018, it represents a 35% of import growth from 2017 to 2018! By the way, China imports more fruits than it exports, here is a rare situation and a great opportunity! Moreover, even when fruits’ prices increased in 2017 and 2018, it did not brake Chinese consumers to buy it! This is an incredible situation that shows how much these Chinese are in love with fruits.

Bananas, cherries, or grapes are among Chinese’s favorite imported fruits.

Since fruits consumption is constantly increasing and China can’t produce enough fruits for its own market, the solution for the country is to import, which usually means higher prices for consumers.

But today, Chinese consumers can afford to pay for exotic and imported fruits, they are even hungry for it.

Of course, the recent COVID-19 crisis slowed down the fruits import and imports are growing back. But countries that are still in quarantine encounter problems to produce and export to China. But a positive example is the import of oranges that are very appreciated by local consumers: because local oranges do not satisfy consumers, the oranges that still can be imported are very appreciated but the population.

Indeed, China is a golden opportunity to export your fruits, but you have to find how to sell it.

So, who are the fruits importers you are looking for in China?

Fruits importers in China

  • Shenzhen Jinson Supply Chain Management Co Ltd
  • Ltd. Heilongjiang Food Companies “Love Katyusha”
  • Suifenhe City Jian Bo Economic and Trading Co, Ltd
  • Aiashankou Shengtai City Trading Co., Ltd
  • Shenzhen Golden Wing Mau Group
  • Embassy Freight Hong Kong Ltd, Unit 211
  • Nantong Sante E-Commerce Co., Ltd
  • Shanghai Supafresh Trading Co., Ltd

All of these companies located in China are importing all types of fruits.

Fresh fruits, dry ones, for muesli, very tropical fruits as mangosteen fruits, … Some also look for fruit juices, fruit nectars, or fruits vinegar.

Even though fresh fruits are among the most popular and asked fruits in China, it is possible to sell your products even if it takes an uncommon form or if it is a rare product. There will always be a Chinese importer that will be willing to buy your fruits!

Also, these importers have a wide network and import fruits from all over the world and can receive shipments arriving in ports or airports depending on the locations.

how we can help you?

  • We can help you to identify distributors, and contact them.
  • We also know the process of convincing these distributors to buy products from you.
  • Contact us, we call you, explain the process, strategy and pricing, and you will know.

Nothing to lose everything to win.

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