Baidu is developing well on mobile

Baidu the search engine leader in China is developping super fast on mobile. Half of Baidu’s revenue for the 1st time in first quarter of 2015, up from 37% across in 2014, KFI (key financial indicators) show that : the mobile transition isn’t so smooth.

 Smart strategy?

You have to understand that Baidu generates most of its revenue from “search marketing”, has invested aggressively to expand its desktop search advertising to mobile devices.

Smart strategy from the Chinese High tech Giant, its search and map mobile applications that enable users to buy movie tickets, find deals and make hotel and restaurant reservations.

Baidu Search Engine also explained that it was moving on following a dispute in begging of this year with an association of about 8,600 private hospitals in China.


Baidu Profit in 2015

Baidu profit fell in the 1st part of 2015, due to heavy spending to boost its mobile developpement, and the new challenges of making advertising on smaller screens may be more profitable.

But the group’s efforts to adapt to the shift to mobile showed further signs of return back investment.


Baidu previous situation

in 2014 the number of mobile web users in China overtook that of Personal Computers, indicating that a shift to mobile user is a must in China for any hightech group operating in China mainland.

Baidu’s total income for the beginning of the year came in at RMB 12.725 billion, +  34 % higher than one year previously. Baidu’s annual revenue growth was 47.5 % (Q4 2014)

  •  47.5 %  In Q4 2014,
  • 52 % in Q3 2014;
  • 59 % in Q2 2014;
  • 59.1 %in Q1 2014.


source Techcrunch.

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