Baidu mobile : think Smartphone first

Baidu the search engine leader in China is developing super fast on mobile. You want to be successful on Baidu ?

Think MOBILE first

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 Smart strategy?

You have to understand that Baidu generates most of its revenue from “search marketing”, has invested aggressively to expand its desktop search advertising to mobile devices.

Smart strategy from the Chinese High tech Giant, its search and map mobile applications that enable users to buy movie tickets, find deals, and make hotel and restaurant reservations.

Baidu Search Engine also explained that it was moving on following a dispute in begging of this year with an association of about 8,600 private hospitals in China.


Baidu Profit

Baidu’s profit fell in the 1st part of the year, due to heavy spending to boost its mobile development, and the new challenges of making advertising on smaller screens may be more profitable.

But the group’s efforts to adapt to the shift to mobile showed further signs of return back investment.

Baidu Mobile Apps

Mobile Products and Services for Chinese Users

Baidu App. This is our flagship app that allows users to search, feed and access other services via mobile devices. Baidu App provides twin-engine search and feed functions. These services are powered by our AI-powered algorithms, deep user insight, and leverage our AI-powered algorithms to provide users with a unique experience. Baidu App offers a single login, native-app-like experience with a variety of information and services. It is built on the BJH accounts, Smart Mini Program, and Managed Page. Merchants also have access to a full range of marketing cloud services. Baidu App’s mobile-spanning ecosystem has led to more users signing in. Baidu App’s MAUs and DAUs reached 544 million and 220 million respectively in December 2020.

Haokan App. Haokan provides a variety of professionally produced and user-generated short videos. These videos are often several minutes in length, and are coordinated with MCNs. Users can upload, search, rate and share videos, as well as favorite, comment, share, like, and vote on them. Video curators and creators can share their content to build a following and earn revenue share for each contribution.

Quanmin. Quanmin allows users to share and create short videos. You can upload or shoot flash videos, and then edit them using built-in filters, stickers and special effects. Baidu AI recommendation algorithms create a personalized timeline that distributes content.

Baidu Wiki. The most popular wiki in China, compiled by experts from specialized fields, featuring high-quality columns, videos, and video such as Encyclopedia of Intangible Cultural Heritage and Digital Museum, Recorder of History.

Baidu Knows. A community that allows users to ask questions of other users (professionals, individuals and businesses). Baidu Knows uses Baidu’s search capabilities, allowing users to find the answers they need quickly and efficiently on the Internet. It also allows Baidu Knows partners to interact with users.

Baidu Experience. A platform that allows users to share their daily knowledge and experiences, offering practical tips and interesting perspectives on areas such as software, lifestyle and games.

Baidu Post. Social media built around topical online communities. You can upload text, images, and audio content. Users can also reply to original curations, creating valuable discussion groups. Baidu Post is a great platform for celebrities, gamers, and novel readers to discuss current topics.

AI Building blocks

Baijiahao (BJH Accounts). Our publisher network aggregates photos, videos, short videos, live video, and augmented reality clips, from MCNs, media outlets and other professional sources. These are distributed through search, feed and short video products. BJH publisher accounts grew 48% in the same time period as 2019 to 3.8 million in December 2020.

Baidu Union. Our online marketing service customers can link their promotional links to the Baidu Union partners’ online properties. This includes a wide range of partners such as wap sites, third-party websites and mobile apps. Baidu Union partners such as Internet cafes and online portal websites embed our products and services onto their online properties. This allows Baidu Union to offer high-quality search results and to monetize their traffic with revenue sharing agreements with us. Baidu Union partners can use our content recommendation system for feed content and ads.

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