Why Baidu is so important in China !

What is Baidu?

Most people on the earth use the Internet to search for special kinds of information through Yahoo or Google or any other oriented search engine. In China, the internet visitors is increasing greatly and many China website visitors have the habit to get information on net by using Baidu in their daily life. Baidu search engine is the largest Chinese language search engine all over the world. On the big China population background, it is sure for you to understand that Baidu search engine is the right internet media to reach your big hopeful consumers who visit website everyday.


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Baidu SEO the solution to promote companies image in China

Nearly every company have fun of marketing behavior in China start to understand that definitely at any time, China market is so big. However, it is hard to start business in Chinese language country. This may require much time, expenditure and action. Then with the developing of technology, there are some easier methods as well. By strategy of Baidu search engine optimization or Baidu SEO, you may probably reach huge numbers of China customers on the powerful internet.

As soon as your proper keywords group ready, you may find that there are many internet suffers to your localized website every day. And you will benefit from using China language and Chinese search engine. That’s why Baidu search engine optimization is considered to be greatly useful for those entrepreneurs who plan to reach China market and set up their business in Chinese environment profitably. Actually, they can obtain much bigger success since the localized website can get more traffic from other countries which also have Chinese popularities such as some south Asian countries. Therefore, it is clearly sure that Baidu search engine optimization will take you fruitful commercial effects in the huge Chinese market.

Baidu connected to the population


Baidu will be very important for people in China because it is really connected. Related to other sites like Weibo or Alibaba; Baidu help everyone meet companies buyers sellers suppliers school and students and so on. Baidu also used some tools as:

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  • Baidu Tieba one of the biggest communication forums in China which consists of a vast online community who type in keywords and then start discussions. If your Chinese website was extended to this site and gained attention by the Chinese public, the advantages speak for themselves.
  • Baidu Baike which is a web based encyclopedia very similar to Wikipedia. Chinese censorship plays a part in what can and cannot be shown though, so make sure you are complying with the tight restrictions that are set in place.
  • Baidu Zhidao which allows the community to ask Questions and Answers. A fantastic opportunity for your company to come into the public eye


Baidu not really similar to Google                   chart_ws_stock_baiduinc_2012213124341.top

Baidu has been always consider as the China’s Google but at all it is not really the same like Google and today that Google is no more in China Baidu really don’t have concurrent in the internet search domain in China. What distinguishes Baidu from Google is the ease with which you can download music and videos. See, China isn’t subject to much of those pesky U.S. copyright issues. And so Baidu became wildly popular, which was probably helped by the fact that until Google started playing nice in China, people in China trying to use Google were redirected to one of the Chinese search engines, including Baidu. Also Asian people and western people don’t have the same priorities or manners when going on internet that’s also a reason why Google couldn’t have beaten Baidu even when he was in China.


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    1. 70%+ Of the researches done on the Chinese internet are done via Baidu.
      Baidu is relevant in China, Google is not.

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