Where Chinese buy overseas properties?

Devaluation of the yuan last year, raise of middle class, Chinese slowdown economy, all these factors are actually leading Chinese to invest more in properties abroad.

Here our topic can actually cover two different sides that we will explain further in this analysis below. The first question remain is in which countries Chinese are investing their money in? The second question is where Chinese find their overseas properties?

Top 4 of countries where Chinese decide to buy overseas properties

First USA is the most searched property country for Chinese people, they spend about 32 billion dollars last year only in properties in USA. The main reason here is because Chinese feel that USA is a safe place to pour and invest their money in. Adding to this, Chinese can easily avoid rules and barriers passing by Shenzhen and transferring money from China to Hong Kong.

Second market is Australia, the country is not only attracting Chinese tourists but also Chinese investors. First, Australia’s lifestyle, easy access with visa facilities and potential profits lead Chinese to invest more in Australia. Second, more Chinese people want their children go to study in Australian schools so it can be an easier way for them to invest in Australian properties.  Third in Australia, you can actually find more interesting properties at lower price than in biggest cities of China.

Canada and United Kingdom are placed at the third position.

UK is like a gateway to enter in Europe for Chinese people and contrary to other European countries, UK is more opened to foreign investment and is offering mature building infrastructures for Chinese investors.

Canada is offering a nice Canadian lifestyle to Chinese people, moreover Chinese community in Vancouver is huge. Canada is a country ranked in high return if investments for Chinese.

Where Chinese find their overseas properties?

Most of Chinese people are looking on official websites to get more information and above all to test the company’s expertise in its field.

Another trend is concerning Chinese customers who are looking for this “opportunity” and especially through social network channel (QQ, Wechat…etc.). Here, the opportunity will be the good price, good place and at the right time for Chinese consumer. They are using this social media tool to compare offers and get feedbacks from social media users.

Besides this social aspect, overseas properties companies are trying to optimize more and more the mobile tool, since users are browsing properties platforms using their mobile.

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