Real Estate: how to generate thousands of leads from China?

Real Estate: how to generate thousands of leads from China?

To better understand China you need to know the following facts:

  • The golden age of real estate in China is over. 50% of the richest men got rich because they invested in real Estate.
  • In China, everyone knows buying real estate properties can make you rich, then almost all Chinese want to invest in Chinese real estate…
  • Now Chinese can not buy more than 3 properties, if so they have to pay extra Taxes.
  • Experts now consider the Chinese real estate market as a risky investment
  • Chinese want to diversify their investment, put some money abroad and protect it from their their government eventual policies. They also consider real estate as a safe way to invest money.

How to generate leads for your real estate company?

Real Estate Chinese Advertising

The Chinese are getting wealthier every day and they are more and more demanding. They want a better environment, better comfort, a bigger house, etc…now they see things in big and they want more. They select carefully their homes in order to be fully satisfied.

Cost-Effective Agency

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Real estate professionals have to adapt themselves to this evolving market as it’s a huge opportunity. How to generate leads for this industry?


One of the key factors to having leads is to be on the first page of Chinese search engines.

You have many Search Engines in China such as Qihoo 360, Sogou, etc… but there is 1 you can’t forget: BAIDU (the Chinese ‘Google’). It captures more than 60% of the traffic.

In order to appear in a good position on the search engine results page, you need to include appropriate and careful y selected keywords, make sure your content is accurate and relevant, and use backlinks. It will increase people’s trust in your product and improve your website’s rank on different search engines.

Implement a PPC campaign ON BAIDU: SEM STRATEGY

In Online real estate and from a lead generation perspective, you must be visible, almost at any cost…otherwise eventual prospects will never come to you.

PPC campaigns on Baidu complement well all your SEO efforts. Keep in mind the natural-organic results appear in the 2nd half of the result page while the sponsored results (PPC) appear in the first half.

Having a PPC campaign (ts) is a very good and efficient tactic. If you want to know more please hesitate to contact 1 of our experts!

An optimal content !

Real Estate Chinese

Optimal content (relevant, attractive, and accurate) will attract leads.

Your website’s content should be well written, without spelling mistakes, and attractive.

From a real estate perspective, you need to give the relevant information with a WOW effect…this has to be attractive therefore take care of your pictures and be rigorous in the information.

An easy way to capture attention is to have a video on your website


Your potential buyers might be interested in your services but so far they didn’t buy yet and you need to keep their attention. In order to do so, invite them to subscribe to your Official WeChat account. By subscribing, they can have direct access to your newsletters on their phone. This is very convenient as it will follow them on their cellphone. You can also implement a QR code of your official account on your website thus when they want to make a decision it gives them the choice to go on their platform of preference.


In order to maximize and leverage all the leads, you get as an Online Agency, make sure your landing pages are optimized, otherwise, you will not get any sales. On-page optimization and AB testing are very important to optimize your conversion rates.

On your landing pages, make sure your users know and find it easy to make the next step-action (you want them to make) by showing them the relevant button. Test different options if you’re not sure which one is the most effective way to get more sales.

Please keep in mind:

  • We are a Marketing Agency
  • We set up Lead Generation Marketing with monthly fees
  • We focus on return of Investment (ROI)
  • If you want to know all our Methodology and our case Study, please contact our experts.

Contact us here.

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