you need to create an official WeChat account but don’t have your own legal entity in China?

what are the normal  solution ?


Set up a WOFE , So if you do not have legal Entity in China, you should set up a Wofe in China, it cost a lot and take time ? 

What are the other solution ?

1- Use an Umbrella Company. it is quite risky and you can be kick out by wechat later.

2- If you have a Chinese importator or official Dealer  that you trust, you can give to him the right to open the account for you. the risk is he you want to change he will keep the account.

3- You can negociate with Wechat, and put on White list if you are ready to spend 30k € per year on Advertising on wechat. 


We can help you to set up an official wechat account and manage it well, feel be free to contact us.


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