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Social media giant Weibo announced that has compiled a list of statements and words that are no longer allowed to be used on its platform.

Erhuo (Er Huo, idiot), SB [a stupid c**t], niangpao (“Niang Pao, sissy”), and biezan (“Pie San”, a poor and unemployed person) were all considered vulgar and infuriating and will be removed from the Twitter-like platform. source

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According to Weibo, any username containing any of these words will have to be removed from their account within one week.

Users who do not update their username are at risk of losing their account and being temporarily blocked from posting.

Some netizens quickly criticized the statement, noting that the state media used the term “sissy boy” to describe female men until recently.

“Brands have to be carreful with their content now” explained Jin Wang, a Chinese international Lawyer

Administrators of Weibo announced that users cannot use vulgar/slang terms or other offensive words in their usernames. Users have until December 8th to change potentially offensive usernames. Users who continue to use the ‘vulgar’ nickname could have their accounts temporarily suspended. These terms will not be permitted:

In terms of popularity compare Weibo to Facebook. It is one of the oldest Chinese social media apps, peoples critics it, but everyone is still using it every day. Source

No More Sissy on Weibo

The announcement is now viral on Weibo.

Many Weibo users are still confused by the new rules. One user commented that he didn’t know that ‘Niangpao was considered a vulgar term. Another user, nicknamed Farting Picture’, wondered: “Is fart still okay though?” Many other commenters support the new rule and say that Weibo, as a platform, has the social responsibility of keeping it civil. source

China’s biggest media regulator has called to promote “correct beauty standards” and condemn the promotion of “sissy guys” in pop culture, especially movies.

  • According to the regulator’s report, the film industry’s “sissy image” has created a social problem.
  • Many Chinese teenagers today are being influenced by Chinese movie stars.

The eight-point notice defined “small fresh meat” as people who were “a threat to society.” This is a Chinese term used to describe young Korean stars and others of similar appearances.

The National Radio and Television Administration published the notice on their website. It stated that there must be a stronger promotion “traditional Chinese culture”, revolution culture, and socialist culture.” They also said that they will work to establish a correct beauty standard. This includes banning “sissy idols,” which are vulgar internet celebrities.

The report also required that broadcasting and television programs only feature talent who are morally upright, artistically competent and socially responsible.

Following Kris Wu’s arrest, media regulators demanded a crackdown against unhealthy worshipping celebrities.

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