How can you improve your e-commerce performance in China

In 2022, Chinese e-commerce sales reached a skyrocketing 13.79 trillion yuan (source: Chinese ministry of commerce), it increased by 4% compared to last year.

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In 2022, Chinese e-commerce sales reached a skyrocketing 13.79 trillion yuan (source: Chinese ministry of commerce), it increased by 4% compared to 2021.


With almost 75% of AI is changing e-commerce in China ????

It is not trivial to be delivered by a robot to receive our package, our lunch, or simply a bottle of water

With an exploding demand in e-commerce, “Last Mile Delivery” has become the key subject of logistics infrastructures that want to be able to deliver quickly and efficiently.

Especially during Single’s Day (11.11), when sales explode and Tmall’s logistics infrastructure is under strain 

Tmall’s logistics partner, Cainiao, has therefore developed an AI to optimize the supply chain during these rush periods.

– Real-time sales forecast
– Quick stock replenishment
– Calculation of the fastest route in real time
– Visual recognition of the product to be delivered
– Reduction of inventory and optimization of final delivery

And it worked 

  • In the middle of Single’s Day, the delivery time was divided by 2.5 during the same period compared to last year
  • Of course, for logistics, Tmall bet on AI
  • But for the rest, it is always provided by humans 

Whether for the management of online stores or for customer service, it is always imperative to have a dedicated team available 24/7 to answer questions from customers and users.

End customers are always keen to exchange with a person to receive advice and discuss, especially in high end where a chatbot will not be able to reach the same level of excellence as an SA.

And maybe one day there will even be a label that specifies “answered by a human”.

the Chinese population having access to the internet (more than 1 billion people), of which 99.6% using cellphones to access it, it would be a true madness to ignore the power and the necessity of using the Chinese e-commerce platforms to sell your goods in China.

China’s e-commerce marketing in 2023

China’s huge e-commerce is still on the rise. No wonder Western retailers are rushing to launch their own stores on Alibaba’s brand-oriented marketplace: Tmall.


To succeed in China’s ecommerce ecosystem, having a nice website, and a quality blog is essential, but not enough. The key to success is visibility. Being visible on the Web means to be highly ranked on the result page for search requests made on Chinese search engines. SEO will help increase the qualified traffic on a website and in the meantime up the website’s position on the search engines request results. That is why SEO is a strategic priority for your e-commerce website in China.

14 Common Questions about China Cross Border E-Commerce and Logistics


Steps for a successful ecommerce & Search Engine

The most difficult tasks for a website is to attract visitors. A good SEO on Baidu, the leader of Chinese search engines, is an important tool to attract visitors. Working with Baidu means that we need to use a Chinese logic.  An e-commerce website must therefore be in Chinese and hosted in China.

You can also do SEO on Taobao to optimise keywords and get better ranking. 
Taobao is a search engine afterall 

SEO mots loupe

Here are key points that should be included in the SEO strategy of any e-commerce company in China:

Key Words

Start by determining a list of the best keywords suitable for your e-commerce website. Then the key is to repeat them in the titles and descriptions. Baidu will spot these words and it will help the search engine to get your website to higher positions.


mots cles chinois

On Taobao, a keyword research is necessary for getting results. targetting the right consumer’s keyword is a key to get new clients. 



It is an external link that points to a web page a sort of an exchange of visibility between websites and bloggers. They are taken in account by Baidu in its SEO. The more qualified backlinks you have, the higher you will get on the page rank. It is strongly recommended to use Chinese backlinks only.


Quality of traffic

Attract visitors is our first goal. However the most important is to have a qualified one. Indeed, we have to make sure that the visitors of the website are the targeted ones, those who might be interested in our products. This goal should be reached thanks to the use of keywords and backlinks.

Onsite optimization

Chinese e-consumers are buying on the internet to save time and money. They therefore want to have the most important information at first glance. So that a clear content and with good pictures is a guaranteed Return On Investment. A good content will make sales happen.

website under construction

It is also important to note that Baidu cannot analyze Flash and Java items. You will need to give priority to html content.


Baidu is sensitive to the latest information. Update your site’s content as often as possible will ensure a good SEO performance to your e-commerce website in China.

These key points will help your e-commerce website to be highly ranked on Baidu’s search request pages. This good position, will reach targeted e-consumers thanks to the keywords and backlinks strategy.  

An optimized website that will appeal Chinese netizens will ensure your website to sell a lot of products provided that you also have:  attractive prices, with a short purchase process, an Alipay facility, an efficient delivery service…

Thanks to an effective SEO strategy, our agency can place your e-commerce website on Baidu’s firsts search results, we can help you with:

  • Website translation and optimisation
  • Website building
  • SEO strategy implementation and optimisation
  • Baidu PPC campaigns
  • Local hosting
  • Backlinks

Our team of experienced Baidu SEO experts is looking forward to learn about your project in China. Contact us and book a free 30min call with our consultants, and get valuable tips for your SEO strategy on Baidu.

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