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Kuaishou is a platform similar to Douyin. Unlike its more upscale competitor which targets big brands as well as urban youth, Kuaishou is primarily aimed at rural populations and migrant workers who use the app for comedy videos or live-streaming of mundane tasks like daily trips. Since February 2021, Kuaishou has gone public, since the shares have more than doubled. This is the biggest tech IPO since Uber’s in 2019. In addition to being a Chinese social media platform that brings together millions of daily active users, it is the main live-streaming application for e-Commerce in China.

What is Kuaishou? 

Kuaishou is a short video and live-streaming platform that shares many similarities with Douyin. Unlike Douyin, which has an algorithm that recommends content similar to what you spend the most time watching, Kuaishou puts forward recommendations from people you know and are meant to understand. Kuaishou was originally just a simple tool for creating gifs, a series of moving images commonly used on the internet. The group now employs nearly 20,000 people. Based in Beijing, it generated over the first nine months completed in September a turnover of 40.7 billion yuan or 5.2 billion euros. 

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Why should you use Kuaishou for your marketing effort in China?

  • Kuaishou is focused on e-Commerce marketing, they actually have an integration with Taobao, Tmall,, and Pinduoduo. 
  • On Kuaishou, there is a 3 to 5 times higher conversion rate when it comes to selling in e-Commerce and to selling your products compared to Douyin. 
  • There is a very engaged community that is more willing to purchase than Douyin has.
  • The user base on Kuaishou is smaller, people are not advertising as much as on Douyin, so it is cheaper to advertise or do marketing for your products.
  • On Kuaishou this is more relationship based, so on the discovery page this is a content that is at 40 to 50% a content which is  from people that you already are watching. 
  • Kuaishou live-streaming has a more engaging community too because of its relationship based. Today this is the best platform to do streaming e-Commerce. The engagement rate on Kuaishou live-streaming is 5% against 2% for Douyin.
  • Kuaishou is trying to expand its target to first-tier cities. Through partnerships with e-commerce platforms, it tries to reach a wider audience, such as Beijing or Shanghai, by targeting their user base.

Who are Kuaishou users?

In 2021, the app recorded more than 400 million monthly active users and 300 million daily active users. The community on Kuaishou is really active and the company also claims to have up to 200 million live streams every day. 

Demographically, it is different from Douyin because Kuaishou is more focused on Tier 2 and Tier 4 cities. As you can read in this article about Douyin, conversely users come from Tier 1 like Shanghai or Beijing. On Kuaishou, only 10% of users live in top-tier cities.

The majority of Kuaishou users are young with 80% born after 1990. For this generation, the idea of breaking into major Chinese cities and becoming KOL is their dream. However, the cultural forces of society oppose them because of their geolocation. Moreover, for the most part, they have few economic opportunities. The platform allows them to express themselves freely as well as aspire to share their true self with a growing community.

Kuaishou users are:

  • Young (80% born after 1990)
  • Evenly split between male and female 
  • E-commerce shoppers
  • Interested in lifestyle content
  • Located mostly in Tier 2 and 4 cities in China

Kuaishou: an e-Commerce platform

Kuaishou is a beneficial resource for brands looking to advertise on a low budget and sell their products to a more rural target. When it comes to online shopping, consumers in third and fourth-tier cities should be considered. Indeed, this part of the Chinese population is today more active than the inhabitants of the first rank cities. This is because they have more free time and the cost of living is much lower, allowing them to better follow trends and make purchases on websites like Tmall Luxury Pavilion, where Alibaba has reported an increase of 80% from 2020. Some remote locations have seen sales of luxury goods increase by more than 150%, according to McKinsey & Company.

Kuaishou has become the choice of many e-commerce sellers because this platform inspires companies to create new types of content and reinvent themselves. We see that the platform is pushing to build its e-commerce system, it is currently integrated with 6 platforms such as WeChat. The Chinese company has also started trading in mobile games. This is because users can purchase items from their favorite streamers directly through the app. 204.06 billion yuan in transactions went through Kuaishou last year.

How to create your Kuaishou certified and Business account? 

Who can get a certified account?

There are two account types on Kuaishou:

  • Individual creator accounts: They can create and share content, interact with friends, and use the platform as a standard non commercial user. This is the case for artists, sportmen, KOLs and KOCs, or content creation for example.
  • Business accounts: They can be opened by brands to promote their products, raise brand awareness, and communicate with potential customers.

What are the benefits of having a business account in Kuaishou?

  • There are sub-categories so that the different types of organization can be identified and found easily. It is possible to register under the category: marketing, including accounts of companies, media and government departments.
  • The certified account can be used as standard but also has additional functions such as e-commerce integrations and advertising features. 
  • Advertising discount
  • Growth recommendations
  • Kuaishou will places a “V” logo next to your account name as a proof of legitimacy and authority
  • Certified account gives more visibility on your profile
  • Add purchase link

How to do marketing with Kuaishou?

  • Get your certified business account: After authentication, professional accounts can access many benefits as we have seen previously. Thanks to this, your brand will be able to improve its marketing strategy, in particular with the reduction in the cost of certain paid advertising.
  • Post videos during peak hours: According to official data, the rush hour for Kuaishou is 10 p.m. If you want to post a video at this time, you should post it 30 minutes to 1 hour in advance to give it time to upload and review.
  • Use trend tags: You can have more visibility with trends tags because it is like another way to have impressions on your video. Users can find your posts by checking content related to special tags like hashtags, brands, music, hot topics, or featured products. 
  • Post original marketing video post: As for Douyin, it is sometimes better to work with KOC (Key Opinion Customers). This type of micro-KOL is famous for being cheaper and especially more original. They are closer to the potential customer and give a complete product review. This is a good thing for a platform based on the relationship between its users. To support these quality creators, Kuaishou announced a plan to increase traffic and impressions last year that paid off with substantial growth in 2020.
  • Live-streaming: Live streaming is an effective way to increase fan base for branded accounts. Streamers can clearly show products to consumers, sell products, and interact with audiences to explain products in detail.

How to create engaging content on Kuaishou?

There are various methods used in marketing to maximize user engagement. The commitment, as far as Kuaishou is concerned, is one of its major assets thanks to its communitarianism based on the relations between the members.

If Kuaishou gets a good entry, it is because he dominates live-streaming. For a live-streaming to work, it must be attractive. The important thing is to share and entertain the user. Lives that simply consist of questions and answers are less entertaining. You have to find a goal in live-streaming and share while offering content otherwise the members leave very quickly and do not listen to all the information. Several methods exist to properly prepare for live streaming such as announcing a date in advance, informing your community of a big announcement or an event not to be missed during this live streaming, or even practicing the advance to avoid bugs.

It is necessary to know your target. For this, it is essential to be regular, to do different styles of positions, to consult your statistics. Over time, certain types of videos and several types of audiences will emerge from your community. You will be able to focus on the content that pleases you the most in order to adapt to the users.

Kuaishou, the commitment is strong and the spirit of community is omnipresent. It is important for your brand to be active on these networks, and to respond to comments and private messages to get potential customers.

Work with Kuaishou KOLS

Using the increasing presence and popularity of Key Opinion Leaders and influencers (KOL) to create popularity in your brand to quickly create a larger audience. Nowadays, KOL marketing on Kuaishou offers brands a very lucrative opportunity. During its November 6 shopping festival, for example, KOL Xinba generated more than $57 million in sales for partnered brands in just one day. 

To build an effective KOL strategy for Kuaishou, you’ll need to:

  • Partner up with a KOL relevant to your target consumer
  • Select a KOL with a proven track record 
  • Provide direction 
  • Maximize exposure with paid marketing
  • Analyze ROI 

In 2019, the number of brands that have more than 10 million fans increased by 36 times. The beauty-related short videos, which is one of the most trendy topics on social networks, reached 30 million +, and the number of content views was 853.7 billion. 

Kuaishou Paid Advertising

There are many ways to integrate your advertising on the Kuaishou platform. In addition to cooperating with KOLs and operating business accounts, businesses can also use several types of ads. These include display ads, newsfeed ads, and discover ads, all of which can be in the form of short video clips or banners. These can be used to direct traffic to account profiles, specific videos or live streams, games, external websites, and e-commerce stores. 

  • Open screen ads: They are displayed every time the application is opened. With this advertising you can quickly have brand awareness. 
  • Newsfeed: It can include videos or live streaming links on the Discover page. 
  • Localized content strategy: Merchants can also buy location-based services and make ads that reach specific targeted users.
  • Launch challenge: Here you have to launch challenge campaigns with a topic tag encouraging users to make related videos, spontaneously promoting the brand and building the brand’s reputation.

Each advertising solution can be targeted to users according to their gender, age, location, interests, and behavior on the platform.

Examples of Campaign on Kuaishou by international brands:

  • Toyota Corolla: Toyota Corolla launched a challenge with a topic tag and encouraged users to create a video associated with the brand’s theme song and tag it, sharing their story of pursuing the dream. They also seamlessly integrated online and offline resources. The top-ranked users in the challenge competition could win prizes and get the chance to participate in the brand’s offline event.
  • The Chelsea FC: The most notable official sports account addition to Kuaishou at the end of 2020 was Chelsea FC. Chelsea hosted their first live stream on Kuaishou in January, with an influencer taking fans through a stream of classic goals and matches, whilst setting quizzes and encouraging interaction in the comments. The reaction from fans was positive and views reached around 300K across the stream, a healthy number for a newly opened account. This could lay foundations for the incorporation of live commerce into the streams in the future, as we have seen many other brands do on the platform.

To conclude on Kuaishou Marketing

Kuaishou is a growing platform that should not be overlooked by international brands in their marketing strategy. The rural Douyin today weighs over $ 180 billion, making it the largest IPO. Content based on the relationship between users strengthens the engagement rate of potential customers and offers a conversion rate 3 to 5 times higher than on Douyin for e-Commerce. To increase its visibility it is possible to make partnerships with KOLs or live-streaming since Kuaishou is the leader in this field. Plus, with a certified account, additional options will benefit your business with discounts on paid advertising, growth recommendations, and credibility. All of these will allow you to consolidate the best possible marketing strategy to reach your target audience.

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