SEO tips to optimize your Website in China

SEO on Baidu, how does it really work?


Baidu, the largest search engine in China


Baidu is the main search engine in China as Google is blocked by the Chinese government.

It is really important in China, even more important than Google for the rest of the world because it controls more than 80% of China’s search market.

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Thus, it holds the flow of information for China’s 700 million internet users who are confined to Baidu results.




Baidu is not Google


First, as a Chinese company, Baidu is compliant with the local laws and censorship of the state government. It is limited and cannot share all the contents desired.

Then, the search engine is only in Chinese language that is more complex because some words have multiple meanings.

That is why the SEO strategy has to be adapted to this particular search engine. As a company you need to know the specificities of Baidu to know how to increase your website ranking on the search engine. Here are some advices that could help you in your Search Engine Optimization strategy.


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Optimizing your website on Baidu is a different task, some tips to succeed


Use the Chinese language


The first important think to note is that you must use the Chinese language particularly the simple mandarin on your content. You should avoid words in Pin Yin because you target Chinese people that do not read Pin Yin. Most of the Chinese do not speak English very well so they will not read your article or website if it is in a foreign language. Moreover, Baidu will not reference your website if it is in English because all its algorithms are in Chinese as well.




Use a domain hosted in China


After, even if “.com” and “.net” sites are ranked on Baidu, the search engine favor “.cn” domain. Thus, if you have a physical address in China, Baidu will list in higher position your website on a search page.

Then, having a local host server will improve the speed on your website.


Respect the censorship


Then, Baidu respects the government rules and the censorship so you cannot neither criticize the government nor talk about censored topic which attack the policy of the Government for example. You cannot neither do connections with blogs with censored content otherwise your own website can be removed. Due to the strict censorship, if the local institution sees a site that does not meet their criteria, Baidu will simply refuse the listing of your website in its database.




Use relevant meta-tags


The search engine pays close attention to the meta-tags that your website uses. These meta-tags include the Title Tags which has to include your keywords like your brand name, the Meta-Descriptions, the relevant alt-tags to the post and the H-Tags, every page should have 3 tags.


New and Unique content


Baidu does not tolerate plagiarism content  so you have to use the WSA Spider to check Plagiarism on your site. The originality prime and you have to deliver an unique content.


Quality content but quantity as well


With a good quality content, you will increase your chances to appear among the first pages of the search engine. Moreover, it will give you more credibility and help developing your brand image.

But Baidu pays also close attention to the quantity of information that you provide, it does not mean that you have to offer quantity over quality. Both quantity and quality content must be provided.




Get a License from the Chinese Internet Publishing


In order to have your website in China, you have to first get an authorization from the Internet Content Publishing (ICP). It takes generally a month to get a license.


80% of the work is the Backlink campaign 

The main job of SEO is to make the website popular , and how Baidu recognize a popular website or page ? By the number and quality of the backlinks to this page or site. 

Backlinks allow any website to increase their Trustrank … and give the ranking to individual pages. 

How to get backlinks in China ? 

  • PR  With quality press release that you send to online news. 
  • Quality Blog / website : by publishing quality content to targetted website 
  • Company / Partners : to integrate links to partners or other companies. 
  • Forums : to publish short news or animate conversation on Forums 
  • Comments on Blogs , website 



Having a specialised agency


It is not easy at all to optimize a website on the giant Chinese search engine. That is why we are here to help you in your SEO strategy. We are a team of professionals specialised in digital marketing. If you have any request  do not hesitate to contact us.



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