8 SEO tips to increase your TrustRank on Baidu

Increase your TrustRank on Baidu

Baidu, the Chinese Google, is the most used Internet search engine in China. It processes over 6 billion daily queries! Number 1 in China, Baidu represents a veritable obstacle course to rank your website. One of the most effective ways is to optimize the TrustRank score of your website.

TrustRank, the confidence index

TrustRank is a way to measure the level of trust and every website has its own TrustRank ranking, which is determined by various factors. Basically, the score given to a website varies from 0 to 10. The higher the score is, the greater is the possibility of appearing high in the search results. Therefore, if you want to lead on the search engines results for specific keywords, you have to increase this score. Here are some tips you should follow as first step of your strategy.

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Do frequent updates

It’s necessary to regularly update the content of your website to improve its ranking in Baidu. Websites which refresh their content may reach the envied level of “trusted site” and, one day, being recognized by Baidu as an authority in their field.

Focus on quality content

Regularly updating the content of your website is not enough. Its content must be relevant for visitors. Content is deemed relevant by various factors such as usefulness, the language level used or the nature of the references used.

Make check your site by Baidu

A site which owns the “verified” statut means that Baidu search engine has verified the information provided by the site owner and that they are conform to reality. The verified companies will see the adding of a “V” placed next to their URL in the search results .By clicking the “V”, users will see detailed information about your company and a verified site will usually be higher in the search results.

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Improve your quality backlinks

Baidu takes into account the number of links pointing to a website to measure its relevance and its quality. However, these links must come from quality websites and recognized as such by the search engine to increase, by extension, the TrustRank of your website.

Optimize the user experience

If Baidu takes in consideration the content and the relevance of a website, it also analyzes how it’s used by netizens. You have to offer them a clear homepage and your web pages must load quickly. As the Chinese netizen zaps quickly, a website which is too long to load will be negatively perceived by Baidu and takes the risk to be sanctionned.

User Experience

Spread the word with PR

Among the quality links, you should prioritize those which emanating from the online press because they are highly appreciated by Baidu. Usually endowed with an excellent TrustRank, if an online press website writes an article about you and links it to your website, you will mechanically increase your quality into the search engine eyes.

Host your site in China

Baidu appreciates websites which are hosted in China. They even receive a bonus if they have a .cn while others will be sanctioned. Therefore, it is not enough to translate the pages of your website in Chinese to hope to get good results in Baidu. The Chinese, as Baidu, are more likely to trust a website hosted in China.

Hosted in China

Focus on the right Keywords when translate your website in Chinese

Hosting your site in China will be of no use if it is not has been translated into the Confucius’s language. The Chinese do not do their researches online in English and Baidu greatly favors sites which have their content in Mandarin.



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