Why concierge clubs win big in China?

Concierges, VIP club, Business Club are very popular in China among Rich Chinese. Why? 

Considering that China‘s rise as a global power is unstoppable, concierge clubs have a unique opportunity to earn robust returns.

Concierge companies are lifestyle clubs that manage their customers’ private errands and respond to the most exclusive demands.

These clubs appeared in the United States in the 1990s and then spread successfully across the EU. Due to a long period of growth in various financial centers in Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America, various concierge clubs have developed their businesses worldwide, expanding into emerging markets.

Now with an international clientele of wealthy consumers, clubs such as Quintessentially Group and John Paul have propelled the growth of the industry.


1) Reasons for the development of concierges in China

China’s economic rise has established a powerful social group of young entrepreneurs who have amassed their resources rather than relying on a massive transfer of generational wealth.

As expected, the rise of this newly wealthy class was an opportunity for concierge clubs to develop their industry. Seeing that these luxury consumers did not understand the benefits generated by their wealth and were not familiar with high-end services; concierge clubs have hijacked the Chinese market. Gradually, the number of successful people using concierge services increased.

In an ambitious society like modern China where the work schedule can reach 12 hours, time is a luxury commodity. Add concierge clubs that specialize in maximizing the free time of your customers and you’ll have the recipe for success.

And in a competitive market like the luxury industry, companies know they have to make a difference. The concierge clubs not only offered impeccable services and lifestyle expertise but also prioritized trust and confidentiality.

This has made concierge companies a decisive force in China’s ever-expanding luxury culture.


II) Services offered by special clubs in China

If the initial requests were related to travel (bookings of hotels and private villas, reservations in 3 Michelin star restaurants and tickets for international events), nowadays, the clubs take care of everything, mundane tasks such as looking for babysitters and guardians for children.

According to China Daily, the British concierge club Quintessentially notes that beyond typical requests such as recommendations, reservations, and product research, members often have requests related to education, well-being, philanthropy.


III) Risks for these concierge clubs

And despite China’s positive outlook, concierge clubs should expect a series of challenges. The biggest risk comes directly from the Chinese consumer who is more demanding and better informed than his Western counterpart, bringing an unprecedented focus on the value and return of investment. 


IV) The best concierge clubs in China is … 

Quintessentially and John Paul are the world’s leading VIP concierges, serving an increasing number of overly wealthy clients. Unsurprisingly, these luxury lifestyle groups understand the Chinese consumer’s need for authenticity.



1) Quintessentially Group

Quintessentially is a British luxury lifestyle group founded in 2000 in London. Today, it has more than 60 offices worldwide and a decade of experience in China. The concierge club is known worldwide for building an exceptional brand DNA by taking advantage of the multichannel approach and prioritizing consistency of communication. Seeing that we live in a demanding world, where Millennials and Generation Z place great importance on social media platforms, while mature consumers need superior customer service without the hassle of Digital connectivity, Quintessentially has therefore bypassed this problem, by going to meet specific target audiences in their natural habitat.


2) John Paul in China

Andrew Quake, John Paul’s Asia-Pacific CEO also understands the Chinese market and the demands of the growing elite class. Quake recognizes that changes in the market are beneficial to John Paul. Through a “vast network of partnerships of more than 10,000 partners around the world,” John Paul ensures that every customer has a trusted experience.



Today luxury concierge clubs have a secure future ahead of them in the face of the growing number of wealthy Chinese. Nevertheless, these companies must understand the needs of their customers and develop a climate of trust with them.


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