Chinese press release service – How to have your press release translated to Chinese and sent to Chinese media

We are a cost-effective PR agency. We have a reputation for helping large brands and small businesses alike write press releases in Chinese and have those sent to Chinese Media. We can also guarantee that those press releases are picked up by certain publications.

Press releases will be written in Chinese based on information about your company and/or new products.

We have a wide network of news contacts within Chinese media including at Sina , Sohu , Tencent QQ news, Toutiao, etc.

We have connections with over 5000 Chinese media sites allowing for massive communication campaign

We are a truly cost-effective agency. Feel free to contact us to ask for a price quote regarding your project.

PR Services in China

Public relations (PR) in China is the practice of deliberately managing the press release and spreading it to the right media presence.

How does a PR agency in China work?

In China, Public relations (PR) and advertising differ in that PR is “undercover” in the sense that it isn’t directly advertising to consumers whereas advertising is much more direct and has increased call to action.

PR aims to create or obtain coverage on media for free rather than paying for advertising.

Generating press articles featuring a product or service, rather than paying for the client to be advertised next to the article, is more cost effective and can lead to higher quality results.

The aim of public relations is to inform the Chinese public, prospective clients, potential investors, customers or even employees.

PR is leadership of products or political decisions.

In China, media relations professionals typically work with PR and marketing agencies.

It is complicated for official businesses companies, government, to release these information directly.

We have 10 Public relations specialists that are native Chinese speakers and who maintain relationships with journalists and bloggers (and other key opinion leaders) .

The Benefits of PR in China

The main benefits of PR in China are as follows:

  • Improve your reputation in the eyes of Chinese consumers and especially within target markets
  • Create a positive image of your brand and products
  • Cost effective short-term and long-term lead generation

Chinese consumers are bombarded with advertisements for services and products everywhere they turn or look to on the internet. Therefore, these consumers are growing more skeptical and selective toward the brands that they choose to trust, especially brands that they haven’t interacted with before. PR in China is highly beneficial because it not only gives great credibility to your brand but also is a subliminal form of advertising. If your company has professionally driven PR, Chinese consumers are much more likely to trust and interact with your brand.



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