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Australian Homelift Brand in China

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Attract Chinese Homelift Consumers in China.

The Brand & Campaign Context

Our client is a relatively young business, and we’re very proud of their rapid growth, strong investment, innovative products, great team, the relationships they're building with domestic and overseas distributors and how we are getting noticed – and rewarded – by our industry and the wider business community. But for us, it’s all about customers; the homeowners who install the products and use them on a daily basis. Their homelift products really do make a difference to their customer's lives; have a look at their customer stories or browse some of the customer letters they have received. Our agency helped the brand spread its brand awareness through Baidu SEO & pay per click campaigns.


Brand Awareness

  • In March, our total unique visitors have increased by 29%, but the bounce rate has increased by 5.71% as well
  • In March, according to the leads report provided by Shirley, 28% of leads are from SQ is a prove that Baidu SQ is a good landing for leads
  • Small leads growth compared to 29% growth of UV

Baidu SEO

  • Optimize the AdWord
  • Optimize the matching pattern of keywords
  • Delete useless search keywords

Baidu PPC

  • Optimize the unit price of keywords, to improve the ROI
  • In March, 84.7% of traffic comes from mobile end. CPC has increased both on mobile and PC end
  • Top spend keywords are focusing on 2 floor home lift, CPC increased in general, need to optimize bidding strategy.

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