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The Brand & Campaign Context

MitoQ is a New Zealand-based biotechnology company dedicated to the introduction of global patent-level bioscience achievements. Over the past two decades, scientists have made breakthroughs in the research of mitochondrial function and human health, and the aging rate. The birth of MitoQ has experienced 20 years of scientific precipitation and accumulation. From the first birth of MitoQ molecules in the laboratory of the University of Otago in New Zealand in the 1990s to the debut of the first MitoQ essence in Paris, France in 2012, the MitoQ skincare series and health series have successively gained a good reputation in the market. In order to expand their business in China, GMA ran an in-depth market research. The Chinese health & cosmetics industries although very profitable are particularly tricky partly due to regulations but also because of the competitiveness of it as well as the difficulties to earn the trust of Chinese consumers. Understanding perfectly the market landscape before spending any budget on marketing is, therefore, a must. It will help brands define their goals and strategy more efficiently.


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