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Attract Chinese Natural Products Consumers in China.

The Brand & Campaign Context

The client is an international group specializing in natural ingredients. Their expertise in plant extraction allows them to meet the demands of their industrial customers in developing efficient & specific solutions for the food, health, and beauty sectors. With the rise of revenue, Chinese customers are willing to spend money in natural products, the brand wants to raise awareness and increase the traffic, that ‘s why the contact us for driving their digital marketing strategies in China. Their expertise in plant extraction and the development of natural ingredients enable them to meet the demands of their industrial customers by developing high-performance solutions specific to the needs of the food, health, and beauty markets. Nature is beautiful, amazing, and creative, rich, and generous. Thanks to it, they contribute to the development of their customers, by supporting them in the integration of natural ingredients that are a source of innovation, creativity, and performance. As a responsible actor, they want the development of a more sustainable economy.


  • +60% traffic to their website
  • +50M exposure
  • Rank 1st on Baidu for selected keywords

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