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The Brand & Campaign Context

The client is an e-commerce website dedicated to cosmetic products. It displays different product types: skincare, haircare products for children, and perfumes. The website focuses on European brands, mainly French ones. The brand targets solely Chinese consumers. Skin and hair care products represent over 50% of the market. The cosmetics sector is changing strongly. China is very sharp when it comes to the quality and authenticity of products. Chinese consumers will prefer to choose well-established and recognized labels. The goal here is to increase the ranking on Baidu SEO and the brand reputation. Our client is an online skincare shop for Asia. As an expansion of its core business, Innoledge International Limited Hong Kong has developed the website to give access to a range of French premium skincare products. The products have been selected according to their quality and originality as skincare cosmetics adapted to all skin conditions. To cope with the needs of Chinese consumers and their continuous pursuit of beauty, its CEO, a French entrepreneur, imagined an online platform to bring you high-quality beauty products from medium-sized manufacturers.


  • 1st keyword ranking for “French cosmetics imported products”

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