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How do we help you with Tmall store in China?


Set up

We help you to set up your shop and your products on the platform.


Design of the store

We create a graphic universe according to your brand spirit in the adaptation for the Chinese market

Tmall store management

Translation of articles. Management of products and the smooth running of your shop.


Mandarin customer service

Chinese staff to meet the needs of your buyers. Customer Optimize the experience.

Tmall: Brand promotion

It allows Chinese merchants or retailers to advertise their products on its platform.

Brands use this opportunity to advertise products on this platform where about 80% Chinese buy their products

Tmall provides opportunity for merchants to promote their products on Tmall official campaign platform

Merchants through this platform have access to the transaction, sales management, tools, products release and shop decoration.

Tmall rewards high satisfied stores with competitive sales from shopper based on the quality of product and delivery speed.

Tmall management in China

Start ecommerce by defining your strategy, set your goals and marketing metrics. The Chinese internet views most brands advertisement from Baidu, Google and Tmall/Taobao. Their social networks are Weibo instead of Twitter, Youku instead of YouTube and Brands can plan marketing strategy in any of these platforms.

Importance of Chinese Social Media.

Attract new customers on the Chinese ecommerce by implementing strategies that meet the Chinese internet market specifications. Market ecommerce through search engines optimization on Baidu, PPC on Baidu, Sogou, Qihoo360 or Tmall are rewarding.

An opportunity exists to explore in China marketplace by advertising your products on Tmall, Taobao, JD, Z, Paipai, etc. These platforms can improve your visibility and branding in the China.

Increase your customers’ loyalty and retention by presenting pleasant ecommerce experience using Chinese social platforms. Major Chinese social platform like Sena Weibo, WeChat, RenrRen etc are the lucrative branding process of engaging Chinese internet customers to manage ecommerce.

Promote and enhance your brand image on the Chinese ecommerce. Brands should present products both in offline and online channels, between your Chinese and international branding strategy. Using digital marketing solutions like SEO, PPC and Social Networks, you can promote products to the right audience and get brand recognition.

Ecommerce management

Research and benchmark: Evaluate customers’ interview, Target audience, competitors’ analysis, SEO Keyword research, setting objectives and expectations.

Planning: marketplaces, websites, User/Functional Requirements, content, digital marketing strategy by tools and [SEO, PPC, Social network] should be planned for creative advertising.

Implementation: Shop in the marketplace [Tmall, JD, Z], standalone website web design, technical integration with budget allocation to optimize digital marketing.

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Frequently Asked Question about Tmall ecommerce in China

How Tmall connects consumers to brands?

Products have 72 hours to reach shoppers once orders are placed.

The purchaser has 7days to return products and get a full refund.

Shoppers can check products for fair competitive pricing of goods.

Can get full information about products within Tmall and communicate with another team.

Buyers get the facility to pay through their own Alipay account.

Why should I choose Tmall? has become the best choice for Chinese online consumers because it provides them with one-on-one all featured platform. It is the major platform for both local Chinese and international brands to sell 100% genuine goods. It provides premium quality from brands, high-speed delivery, product assurance and guarantee of products returns to Chinese consumers in the mainland. is a vast collection of individual stores in one place with so many premiums operating within the platform. It is China’s biggest B2C platform, with over 70,000 Chinese and international brands, 50,000 merchant and shops and access to millions of buyers. Tmall operates three store formats: Flagship, Authorized and specialty merchant shops with various operating provisions.

Promotion: Advertising or KOL?

Influencers are obviously an essential stakeholder in any WeChat campaign. But today we consider them as a complement to a global acquisition strategy based on the development of your brand.

In China, KOLs have a strong influence. The Chinese have more confidence in themselves than advertisements because they prefer to be advised by a real person and to have authentic opinions. You can find them on the following social networks: Weibo, WeChat, Youku, Meipai, etc.

KOLs can increase the visibility and reputation of the brand. As soon as a KOL recommends a product to its community, the brand will gain notoriety and reputation. Also, the brand will automatically increase its sales. However, it must be chosen because the impact will be so much stronger if the image of the KOL fits perfectly with the mark.

How can GMA assist your brand?

We can assist brands in digital marketing within the appropriate e-commerce channels in China:

  • Marketplaces : Tmall/Taobao, JD/360Buy, Yihaodian, Paipai, QQ, and Baidu shopping
  • Search Engine : Baidu, Qihoo 360, Sogou, Bing and Google Hong Kong.
  • Pay per click (PPC) / Search Engine Marketing on Baidu, Tmall, Taobao etc
  • Display marketing on Tmall and Baidu branding.
  • We provide profit per digital marketing tool
  • Customer retention
  • Sales
  • Traffic
  • Conversion

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