E-Commerce Agency in China (Shanghai)

Gentlemen Marketing Agency is a full-service digital agency based in Shanghai, focus on the Chinese Market with expertise in designing and building eCommerce/ ebusiness with measurably great results .

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Targeted and results-driven digital marketing in China  that increases brand awareness, quality business enquiries and visitor.

  1. Wechat
  2. Weibo
  3. New Social Media
  4. Media Buying
  5. Banners , Ads
  6. Search Engine traffic Management
  7. Ereputation & BBS (forums)
  8. Viral Marketing

E-Commerce is matter of Methodology

Our proven 4-step model covers

1- strategy & survey

 2- Store Design and Optimisation

3- Digital Promotion to create traffic to your store, Tmall /JD wechat store

4- mesure results and ajust the campaign


Gentlemen Marketing Agency Set up a profitable and successful eCommerce methodology focus on results.

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Leading businesses in China to choose Statement to help them grow faster !


Focus on ROI


Our Team of expert will create a digital strategy for the Chinese market to reach and engage with your targetted customers, helping you to highlight your selling points and deliver a true ROI (return on investment)

a brand strategy and digital design agency specializing in branding, web design, user experience (UX), eCommerce & identity

A Growth-Driven e-Commerce Agency in China

We’re a growth-driven digital agency : mean that we deliver exceptional value through user-experiences, quality traffic and mesure results

Full Marketing strategy

We control the total Digital Marketing Campaign : by unifying content, community management, Advertising communication and eCommerce experiences.

Innovative Company

Gentlemen  agency we develop omnichannel e-Commerce experiences that grow digital businesses. Connecting the online and offline experiences to optimise results.

Gentlemen is an eCommerce agency with 50+ experts (International and Chinese) obsessed with delivering results.

We help International Brands, businesses and companies to achieve their commercial ambitions using proven technics in China.



How we can help you ? 

Gentlemen Marketing agency is often amazing at creating, writing, buying, and trafficking advertising. And we are usually ROI at it for these reasons.

  1. We are experienced. Marketing agencies like us , based in China buy advertising for many suppliers. we have seen hundreds of successful digital campaigns.We also experience at measuring the advertising effectiveness in China, that is vital for e-Commerce companies
  2. We are well organized. You need to be organized in China, and we will provide process  : recording, monitoring, excecute and analyzing everything. In China , if you do not want to waste your time, marketer have better to be organized.
  3. We will save you time. You won’t have to create banner ads, manage Baidu AdWords, waste your time to discuss with Baidu, wechat weibo… or remember to update your campaign  A good Marketing agency can do all of these things and save you time every days . Never underestimate the time you can waste in China for everythings. 
  4. Gentlemens will save you money. A great Digital agency may actually be able to save you money, because they buy a lot of clicks, we have sometimes better rates, and avoid all mistakes or cheating companies in China.  And for things like Baidu pay-per-click advertising, Tmall Ads, media Banners our expertise means ” a better job”  and “no waste” . 

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