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Australian Water Brands in China

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Sell Australian Water in China.

The Brand & Campaign Context

This Australian Water brand contacted us to find a Chinese distributor and start selling their water to Chinese consumers. They had no presence in China yet, so finding a distributor would have been hard. They decided to work with us before trying to negotiate with a buying agent and it is paying off. Why is it so hard to find a distributor in China? Well, the answer is simple, Chinese buying agents are looking for brands and not products, they do not market or work on brand reputation. For a product as vital as water, working on brand reputation is necessary. Chinese consumers care about their health and are ready to spend money on water if you can guarantee them it is safe and beneficial for them. Convince the Chinese consumers, you'll have Chinese buyers contacting you and get the best offers. In order to improve the reputation of our Australian water client, we worked on their visibility online and offline. Online via social media (WeChat, Weibo, XiaoHongShu, KOLs), Baidu SEO, press releases, and forums, and offline with an exhibit.


  • Multiple offers from TMall partner and buying agents
  • Co-branding with famous food & beverage brands
  • +8k followers on WeChat
  • +20k followers on Weibo
  • +5 keyword ranked on Baidu 1st page
  • 5 press releases published per month

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