Why it’s crucial to use Baidu’s SEO for your business in China?—Update 2020

What do a Chinese do when he wants to buy something?

He will search on the Internet for information of what he is going to buy, until he is persuaded by what he finds, then he will make a purchase.

Chinese are highly connected. According to statistics, as of the end of December 2018, the number of Chinese Internet users reached 829 million, with 56.53 million new Internet users throughout the year, and the Internet penetration rate was 59.6%. As of the first quarter of 2020, about 904 million people had access to internet in China.

As the social media and e-commerce develop and merge more and more together, it is impossible to sell products without digital marketing via Chinese social media and Baidu. Chinese people don’t buy brands they don’t know, because of scandals happened in China resulting in distrust of domestic products.


Different and complex Chinese culture for foreign companies

China is the first economy of the world and well known for the diversity of population, the complexity, the censure apply on the Internet and for the Chinese language which is one of the most difficult of the world. So it is crucial that companies learn about this great and complicated country before they go for business in China.

All the factors has to be taken seriously. The language, the economic politic, the customs and the culture need to be understood by foreign businessmen before launching important resources to be implemented in China. It is also important to check out the competitors of your business already present in China in order to avoid bad surprises.

So when all these points are checked and approved, all company which want to be present in China should have a website adapted to Chinese culture, and here comes the importance of the SEO especially on Baidu.


Baidu is the major search engine in China

It we talk about search engine SEO in China, we have to think about Baidu. By March 2019, Baidu had 1.1 billion mobile users, processing 3.3 billion queries per day.

In addition, Google is blocked in China, which means if you want to do SEO, Baidu is your only best choice!

Baidu.com Competitive Analysis, Marketing Mix and Traffic by Alexa

Baidu is the most famous search engine in China. It was created in 2000. According to Alexa, as of the time of writing, it is the 4th most visited website in the world. It has at his disposal around 740 million web pages, 80 millions images and 10 million multimedia files. It accounts for 12.3% of the world’s search engine market share (ranking second after Google).

How to be Rank High with Baidu SEO?

Companies must understand that to be well ranked on Baidu could take a long time due to the fact that the internal competition is really intensive. However, if a company has a high ranking it will be far profitable for the brand awareness.

Baidu SEO results

1. Chinese website hosted in China

Baidu is a Mandarin-only search engine, and most of the Chinese people do not understand English so one important point is to have a website in Chinese. That means no website translated by any cheap software which only work well for one or two words. If companies want to translate their website in Chinese, it is crucial to translate it well by Chinese who understand perfectly all the subtleties of Chinese language.

What’s more, the website should be hosted directly in China. Baidu gives priority to websites hosted in China. Websites hosted outside of China used to suffer from slow load times, and Baidu SEO doesn’t like websites hosted outside the Great Firewall.

2. Links and main body content served through a CDN

You need to make sure that links and main content are not served through JavaScript, but through a CDN. It is important that resources (JavaScript and CSS libraries) are not loaded from a Google CDN or other Western CDN, because these CDNs can be easily blocked from China by the Great Firewall, which will make your web pages load slowly.

The best choice would be to load your JavaScript and CSS libraries for your Chinese website from libraries hosted in China.

3. Priority to work on your home page

Google ranks web pages primarily by relevance, while Baidu emphasizes the design and content of website’s home page. So if you want to be ranked in a good place, your priority is to work on your home page.

4. Exact keyword’s relevance on Baidu SEO

Baidu prioritizes sites with the exact search keyword in titles rather than on the actual content. For SEO marketers, extra attention must be paid  to the exact keywords you used to be ranked in a good place in Baidu SEO results.

Here we need to point that Baidu SEO takes time and money to have good results, and as explained, the choice of keywords is primordial for a successful SEO strategy. What are the trends in China? What are Chinese people interested in? All these questions matter in your research.

As an expert in Chinese marketing, we can offer you best propositions to help you get a good place in front  of your competitors.

5. Content Marketing and Social Media : Vital for your ranking!

Content marketing example

There are two more points to be considered along with Baidu SEO which are Content Marketing and Community Management.

If companies  want to have a good place in ranking, they must produce content that will interest their target. All this aims to create visibility. After this task is done, it is important to federate this people into commuties and taking care of them. Baidu will notice this and in return, it will take care of your ranking. This process will also make your company, brand, product or service known in China.

To conclude

As everyone knows, China is a market full of potential, and it is just in the great opportunities lies great challenges. How to win the market? How to have advantages among all competitors? The answer is simple: try your best to be known by Chinese consumer. But how? Baidu SEO serves as a powerful tool to boost your brand awareness.

If you are interested in this article and you are looking for someone who knows very well Chinese market, feel free to contact us, we can give you more information and guide you until you stand well in Chinese market.

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  1. Baidu and Alphabet’sGoogle are both developing search engine in 2020 based on artificial intelligence technologies such as machine learning, deep learning and neural networks. The two companies use these artificial intelligence technologies to analyze data from their similar ecosystems, which include market-leading search engines, cloud services, multimedia streaming platforms, voice assistants and smart speakers.

    Yet Baidu’s ecosystem is mainly limited to China, while Google dominates most other markets. In terms of diversification, growth, scale, profitability and resilience to macro headwinds, Google easily beats Baidu as a long-term investment. But if we only focus on the AI market, Baidu could actually be the strongest game. Here are three reasons:

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