Why it’s crucial to use Baidu SEO for your business in China? (even in 2021)

What does Baidu 2020 data tell us about this year consumers trends:

  • Consumption in low-tier markets is growing. Baidu App saw an increase in use in those cities and particularly for Industries such as Healthcare, entertainment, and finance.
  • Consumers are getting younger with an emphasis on Luxury goods, health & the environment.
  • Consumers are getting more and more cautious when shopping resulting from an increase in search time online.

The main takeaway from those data is that the biggest consumer segment is changing: Millennials now have more purchasing power, they are willing to buy more expensive items but they are also buying smarter.

One could think that the popularity of social media & live streaming with Millenials & Z has made Baidu obsolete but these data are showing us this is not the case, in fact, quite the contrary. Baidu is more than ever the place to get information.

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In short, don’t ditch Baidu from your marketing strategy in China because chances are consumers will find you through a Baidu Search rather than on Douyin Hot Page.

Baidu Data tells us, research is step 1 of the purchasing process in China

He looks for information about what he is going to buy on the internet and he completes the purchase only when he is perfectly convinced by the information found.

Chinese are highly connected users. According to statistics, the number of Chinese Internet users reached 829 million at the end of December 2018, with an increase of 56.53 million new Internet users and an Internet penetration rate of 59.6%. Two years later, during the first quarter of 2020, about 904 million people had access to the internet in China.

As social media and e-commerce platforms become tighter and tighter, selling products online in China without doing digital marketing through Chinese social media and Baidu is now impossible. Chinese people don’t buy unknown brands, they want to be sure of buying good-quality products since many scandals have disrupted Chinese faith toward companies’ behaviors.

Foreign companies in China must localize

China is well known for its numerous population and the complexity of its culture and language, which is one of the most difficult in the world. Another element companies have to take into consideration is internet censorship. It is indeed crucial that companies learn cultural and social aspects before entering the complicated Chinese market.

Many factors have to be taken seriously: the language, the political economy, the customs, and the culture; all need to be well understood by foreign businessmen before investing important resources in China. It is also important to check out the activities of your competitors in order to avoid bad surprises.

So, once a company has checked all the above-mentioned aspects can start to consider developing a digital strategy tailored for the Chinese market. The initial phase of this strategy must always include the creation of a Chinese website, which has to be adapted to Chinese taste and expectations (in general are very high). Only after having set up a website, a company can start the implementation of an SEO strategy.

Baidu is China’s main search engine

If we talk about Search Engines Optimization (SEO) in China, we need to mention Baidu. By March 2019, Baidu has 1.1 billion mobile users and processes 3.3 billion queries per day.

In addition, Google is blocked in China, then if you want to do SEO, Baidu is surely your best choice!

Baidu.com Competitive Analysis, Marketing Mix and Traffic by Alexa

Baidu was created in 2000 and nowadays is the most famous search engine in China. According to Alexa, it is the 4th most visited website in the world. It has at its disposal around 740 million web pages, 80 million images, and 10 million multimedia files. It accounts for 12.3% of the world’s search engine market share (ranking second after Google) and for 70% of China’s search engine market.

How to rank High on Baidu using SEO?

Companies must understand that to rank high on Baidu can take a long time. Indeed doing SEO on Baidu requires as much patience as doing SEO on google. A company will need an average of 6 months to rank on a dozen of keywords. It may seem like a long time to wait before seeing anything happens, but keep in mind that SEO should be 1 part of your digital marketing strategy in China and that SEO results are long-lasting, more organic, and seen as more trustworthy by consumers.

Baidu SEO results

1. A company needs a website hosted in China for their Baidu SEO effort

Baidu only analyses and collects websites in mandarin languages. Also, most Chinese people do not understand English so one important point is to have a website in Chinese. To have a website in Chinese doesn’t mean to translate it by using cheap software that only works well for one or two words. If companies want to translate their website into Chinese, it is important to give this duty to Chinese copywriters, who can understand perfectly all the subtleties of the Chinese language.

Keep in mind that Baidu only exists in Mandarin and has an extremely precise KW algorithm.

In addition, the website should be hosted in China. Baidu gives priority to websites hosted in China. Websites hosted outside of China, in fact, used to suffer from slow load times.

2. Links and main body content served through a CDN

You need to make sure that links and main content are not served through JavaScript but through a CDN. It is important that resources (JavaScript and CSS libraries) are not loaded from a Google CDN or other Western CDN, because these CDNs can be easily blocked by the Great Firewall, which will make your web pages load slowly.

The best choice would be to load your JavaScript and CSS libraries for your Chinese website from libraries hosted in China.

3. Work on your Landing pages and home page

While Google ranks web pages primarily by relevance, Baidu emphasizes the design and content of the website’s home page. So if you want to be ranked in a good position, your priority is to work on your home page.

4. Keywords’ relevance on Baidu SEO

Baidu prioritizes sites with the exact search keyword in titles rather than on the actual content.

Here, we need to point out that Baidu SEO takes time and money for obtaining good results, and as we explained, the right choice of keywords is essential for a successful SEO strategy. What are the current trends in China? What are Chinese people interested in? All these questions matter in your research.

As experts in Chinese marketing, we can deliver the best value proposition and help you to gain a good position in the market.

5. Content Marketing and Social Media: Vital for doing SEO on Baidu!

Content marketing example

There are two more relevant factors to be considered for your SEO and are given importance to Content Marketing and Community Management.

If companies want to have a high position in the ranking, they must produce content that will interest their target. Only in this way their websites can become more visible online. After this task is done, it is important to gather the target in communities and take care of it. Baidu will notice this and, in return, it will take care of your ranking. This process is also useful to make your company, brand, product, or service popular in China.

In conclusion on “Why is it crucial to use Baidu’s SEO for your business in China?”

As everyone knows, China is a market full of potential. Everyone also knows that great opportunities hide great challenges. How can you win such a competitive market? Where can you find advantages over so many competitors?

There isn’t a simple answer to this question but you should know that investing in digital marketing is the key to success nowadays in China. And among all the digital marketing tools you can use in China, SEO on Baidu is one of the most important.

Build your brand awareness, invest in Baidu’s SEO.

We are an SEO agency with seven years of expertise in the Chinese market.

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  1. Baidu and Alphabet’sGoogle are both developing search engine in 2020 based on artificial intelligence technologies such as machine learning, deep learning and neural networks. The two companies use these artificial intelligence technologies to analyze data from their similar ecosystems, which include market-leading search engines, cloud services, multimedia streaming platforms, voice assistants and smart speakers.

    Yet Baidu’s ecosystem is mainly limited to China, while Google dominates most other markets. In terms of diversification, growth, scale, profitability and resilience to macro headwinds, Google easily beats Baidu as a long-term investment. But if we only focus on the AI market, Baidu could actually be the strongest game. Here are three reasons:

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