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The Brand & Campaign Context

A. De Fussigny has been striving to create the best contemporary cognac by marrying traditional originality with modern innovation and excellence, adhering closely to French tradition dating back centuries ago! In their quest for perfection they take care of every detail- from selecting only high-quality raw materials all of which come from within France proper (as opposed to outside), through rigorous technical research into how expert distillers do things best themselves and then finally blending them together based on what consumers want now more than ever before: an innovative product-driven solely by preference rather. Sales of cognac in China have increased dramatically over recent years. Cognac's long history is appealing to prestigious consumers, while its healthy image attracts health-conscious consumers. In addition, it appeals to senior demographics at a time when there are safety concerns about alcohol elsewhere in Asia. However, one of the main challenges for marketing cognac is that it has historically been regarded as an alcoholic drink largely reserved for Western connoisseurs and tended not to fit into any existing fabric of Chinese tradition or culture (e.g., different observances around birthdays). Cognacs in China must compete with local spirits which often enjoy lower prices but are generally marketed in conjunction with tradition (eg: business dinner, Chinese New Year). With this context in mind, ADF contact us and we designed a marketing strategy aiming to reach at china's premium alcoholic beverages lovers. The goal was not to teach them about cognac but to open their mind to the idea of cognac as well as to improve the visibility and popularity of the brand with this niche audiance.


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