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Wine E-Commerce Platform in China

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Attract Chinese Wine Professionals through E-Commerce Platforms.

The Brand & Campaign Context

The client is an online platform aiming to connect wine distributors to buyers in China. The brand sells only quality wine that isn’t sold in China already. They also organized wine tasting directly in French vineyards. The company contacted GMA to increase their notoriety and brand awareness. The creation of the website came from a desire to create a pan-Asian distribution network and the request from friends winemakers to grow the visibility of their wines to bring their brand to the level they deserve in Asia. The goal is to set up the website as a reference, almost as a benchmark to guaranty the uniqueness of our wine without compromising on quality and real storytelling. To be selected, wines in our portfolio must answer following criteria: High quality, Awarded wines, no grape from other locations, Engagement of growers to protect the environment, Uniqueness about their appellation, Transparency of winemakers to ensure consumers traceability and, and last but not least, the Best price possible from Vineyards to Consumers.



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