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Attract Chinese Travellers for Luxury Safari Tours.

The Brand & Campaign Context

When the luxury safari tour company contacted us, they did not have any visibility on the Chinese Internet. Their website was in English with Google plugins, which is not an efficient strategy if you want Chinese tourists to find luxury safari tours. The first step was to design them a nice website optimized for Baidu and use Baidu SEO to push their keywords as high as possible on the Chinese search engine. The second step was building them a good e-reputation. Meaning, peoples can easily find positive information about them online. The third point was to promote luxury safari thanks to a good ranking on Baidu. Many people have never heard of this, therefore we had to push this type of tourism via Chinese social media campaigns and press relations to create interest. Chinese social media and KOLs-based campaigns are a great way to achieve this goal. Thanks to this complete strategy, this luxury safari tour was able to significantly increase the number of Chinese tourists buying its tours.


  • +120% traffic
  • 13 ,000 media coverage by month
  • 85 lead generation by month
  • +10% conversion rate

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