Wechat Shop setup and Management

 Wechat shops are a mini shop, weidian or e-shop that uniquely provides your users with a simple and mobile access to your products with the convenient payment system. The most popular Wechat shop is the weidian.

These e-shops are where goods and services can be accessed by Wechat users within the application and payments are made inside the wallet. It has great customer service and provides effective communication channel to your customers.

Wechat shops offer the advantage of connecting to your followers through your Wechat account. The shop offers your follower’s great user experience as it connects your official account to your Wechat shop. It affords promotion of services as well as messages in text, audio and video to your followers.


Wechat Shop

While the mini shop offers little benefits, weidian shop offers elaborate functionalities for business. Wechat shops allow one-click payment for goods and services purchased within the application. Using your Union Pay card, you can pay for services in any Wechat shop without intermediary. The Smartphone has become an effective instrument to purchase goods from Wechat shops in the Chinese ecommerce. Customers can pay via your Wechat public account to access your Wechat shop products.

Wechat shop offers the following features for its online shop management:

  1. Product upload
  2. Products management
  3. Order management
  4. Product display management
  5. Customer complaint management

The account set up is through a verified service account with integrated Wechat payment. Brands looking for e-commerce services will have a level of integration and leverage. Wechat API allows brands build payment system and shopping experience that will meet their customer satisfaction.


For any brand to sell in Wechat e-commerce platform, verification of official account is a prerequisite. International brands can secure wechat account verification with Tencent. Brands that have been connected with Wechat payments API will be able to open an e-commerce store. Merchants from overseas will be able to sell items to potential wechat customers without directing them towards places outside Wechat application. In other words, Wechat application will handle all the transaction process within wechat platform.

Wechat shop gives merchants the e-commerce platform suitable to set up their shop after due verification. This includes Wechat shop set up, customization and payment integration. With a brand shop fully configured, management of stocks and monitoring of sales will pass through Wechat payment system.

Wechat e-commerce Strategy

Wechat is empowering brands to build their own stand-alone stores to strategize ecommerce focus on the Chinese market for customer satisfaction. Brands through Wechat application have Tmall and JD’com presence in China. The cost of maintenance in e-commerce channel has been reduced because of one payment Wechat wallet. There is maintenance of brand value, and some brands are weighing the option of having their own branded e-commerce site. With opportunity offered by Wechat shop, brands are evaluating the next scope of ecommerce shop in China.


Wechat Account Management

Wechat official accounts allow brands to generate awareness and create high-quality content to attract audience. Brands can broadcast message from this account like Twitter, post media content in text, photos, videos and messages to Wechat official account followers. Individuals can follow Wechat brand official account by scanning a unique QR code or get someone within their Wechat network to share. Wechat account has become a big marketing tool for many brands today. Define your communication objective, strategic marketing and effective advertising to sell in Wechat with relevant and consistent marketing.


Key Steps to operate Wechat shop 

  1. Create a WeChat Shop account to suit your brand (You will require Chinese mobile phone)
  2. Customize the Shop according to your preferences
  3. Add your content, product inventory, categories etc.
  4. Link your WeChat Shop direct to your existing online ordering system
  5. Set-up of your WeChat Pay account and link-up to Chinese bank account
  6. Integrate your Shop to your WeChat account – either Service or Subscription Account
  7. Manage your Account and the Report
  8. Promote your Shop within the WeChat environment and connect to other platforms (Weibo, Website, BBS etc.)
  9. We can consult for brands on Wechat shops
  10. We can set up your Wechat shop with ease
  11. Complete registration formalities
  12. Connect your Wechat official account to your shop
  13. Create marketing strategy for your products on Wechat
  14. Providing solution for easy Wechat shop set up is what we do for 


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