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Why don’t the Chinese Distributors Ever Reply to You?

Why don't the Chinese Distributors Ever Reply to You?

Are you looking into ways to establish your brand in the Chinese market but failing to reach the Chinese distributors? 

You are not alone. It’s no secret that Chinese distributors can be tough to crack. But why is it that they never seem to reply to your emails? Well, it would become more apparent if you can put yourself in their position.

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Here are a few Possible Reasons Why don’t the Chinese Distributors Ever Reply to You:

They don’t actually use email:

While email is still the dominant form of communication in the Western world, Chinese distributors often prefer to communicate via WeChat or other instant messaging apps.

They don’t speak your language:

Even if Chinese distributors do use email, there’s a good chance they won’t be able to understand your inquiries if they’re written in English.

Chinese is the dominant language in business circles in China, so you’ll need to make an effort to communicate in Chinese if you want to get anywhere.

They give no importance to the brand’s potential:

Chinese distributors are often more interested in selling products that are already popular in China, rather than taking a chance on unknown brands.

If your brand isn’t well-known in China, it’s unlikely that Chinese distributors will be interested in working with you. As most Chinese distributors are primarily concerned with making sales and turning a profit your brand’s potential does not matter to them

They do not do risky business:

Chinese businesses tend to be risk-averse, so Chinese distributors are unlikely to take a chance on an unknown brand. Instead, they’ll stick with products that are already selling well in China. They are simply hesitant to invest time and resources into something that isn’t proven to be successful.

They do not do marketing for brands:

Chinese distributors are not in the business of marketing your products. They’re in the business of selling them. So don’t expect them to do much (if any) marketing on your behalf. You’ll need to handle that yourself if you want to succeed in China.

Thus, Chinese distributors are bombarded with requests from foreign brands. So it’s not surprising that they often don’t have time to evaluate every quest.

However, there are a few things you can do to increase your chances of getting a response:

7 Tips for Success with Chinese Distributors

1- Do your research:

Chinese distributors are more likely to respond to a brand that has done its homework. And has a clear understanding of the Chinese market. Make sure you have a good understanding of the Chinese consumer market before reaching out to distributors.

2- Chinese-ify your brand:

Many Chinese distributors are more likely to respond to a brand that is Chinese-ified, meaning it has been adapted to the Chinese market.  Having Chinese-language packaging, a website or hiring Chinese social media influencers will help

3- Have a solid plan:

Chinese distributors want to see that you have a well-thought-out plan for how you’re going to sell your products in China. This means having a tailored marketing strategy.

4- Offer something unique:

Chinese distributors are always on the lookout for unique products that can help them stand out from the competition. If you have a product that is truly innovative and different, Chinese distributors will likely take notice. Many foreign brands are competing for Chinese distributors’ attention. You have to stand out from the crowd.

5- Be willing to take on some risk:

Chinese distributors are often reluctant to take on new brands because they don’t want to invest in something that might not sell well. If you’re willing to offer a good commission and take on some of the risks yourself, you’ll be more likely to find a partner.

6- Find a Chinese partner:

Many Chinese distributors are more comfortable doing business with other Chinese companies. If you’re not Chinese, consider partnering with a Chinese company that can act as your intermediary.

7- Work with a professional marketing agency established in China:

Chinese distributors are responsive to brands that have a professional presence in China.

Working with a Chinese marketing agency can help you create the right kind of Chinese marketing materials. And build relationships with potential distributors.

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