WeChat, one of the best bots

WeChat , the origin of this new fashion

At first, a bot is a conversational program.
China is a model for the evangelists of the bot, with the extraordinary success of systems like WeChat.
The ChatBot has always been considered the fundamental test of AI capabilities (artificial intelligence). Most bot’s responses are analyzed and corrected by human beings teams.
But the function of ChatBot changed, and AI loses importance in these programs today. The new ChatBots not search at all to pass the Turing test, and much less to attract the users affection.

wechat specification!

It is primarily utilitarian : we expected of them that they can make specific services.
Dan Grover’s product manager WeChat, the famous Asian messaging at the beginning of the new bots’ mode. The success of ChatBots by Dan Grover, is a little bit different with the notion of “conversation”, but bases in the simplification of the user interface.
He takes as an example of misuse of ChatBot the image below :

Because of this, as Dan Grover makes us see, you have to tap 73 times on his keyboard to perform a pizza order from Microsoft bot.

WeChat & Brands

Moreover, it assumes that the bot already knows the consumer. While the system used by Pizza Hut in China to achieve the same result via WeChat requires only 16 keys on the keyboard. And as can be seen below (even if it is slightly difficult in Chinese), the bot Pizza Hut uses here a very similar menu architecture to what one might find in a classic interface. The conversation is minimized.

Dan Grover, misuse of ChatBots is a species of skeuomorphisme : this tendency that we have to duplicate the appearance and functionality of legacy systems in interfaces (for example graphically reproduce a mixer in a music software, with all its buttons, sliders …). It is therefore obvious that we lose a lot of opportunities offer by a more functional interface.
For example, with a menu system, it is possible to see at once the different types of pizza, while in chat mode, it should go trough a more linear mode of communication. « Conversational interface … applied an analogue metaphor has a digital task and imported aspects that, in this form, no longer useless. Things like little jokes in the exchange above as « please » and « thank you », or having to specify the various pizza options sequentially and separately (rather than all at once). »

A good user interface is so apparently many ChatBots.

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