Watch and Jewellery Distributor in China


We are a “watch and Jewellery” online Distributor in China


We have a network of 500 agents, resellers and online dealers that can resell any Brands in China.



These Agents can be individuals or small Businesses, and most of their deals are done online with private networks of Vip clients.

WeChat is the main social network in China and use by lot of People, especially by wealthy consumers that want privacy.

WeChat and Taobao are the main platforms for resellers in China.




We have developed a network of agents that can resell Brands.

In China, the distribution is divided in small players that resell Brands to their networks, especially for watches and Jewellery.

The key to success is Branding. 

Branding is everything in China 

Cost-Effective Agency

KPI and Results focused. We are the most visible Marketing Agency for China. Not because of huge spending but because of our SMART Strategies. Let us help you with: E-Commerce, Search Engine Optimization, Advertising, Weibo, WeChat, WeChat Store & PR.


  • Branding is first a good reputation when people search they find positive information about the Brand.
  • After, it is awareness, mean multiplicate the impact with the target.


We begin with an overview of your brand in China, current and past marketing efforts and evaluate your potential in China for the Chinese distributors.


We combine Marketing strategy with Business contact to achieve real results.

  •  Marketing ereputation
  •  Professional Support like Brochure in Chinese
  •  Taylor-Made Approach on our Distributor network
  •  Negociation / Engagement



Can we distribute you?

  • Send us an email
  • We will study your case
  • and see our Business conditions

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  1. Hello,
    We are a small watch retailer with several stores in Sihuan provinces, we would like to distribute new brands from Europe.
    I want to be included in your database of distributors, we would like to collaborate in win win situation with small brands

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