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Vipshop (Wei Pin Hui) is a Chinese company that operates the e-commerce website The website experts in genuine brands, while offering discounts and limited time-based sales. Vipshop members number has grown to over 28 million in just 4 years and now is estimated at 52.1 million customers with 269.8 million orders for 2016.

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Vipshop has been awarded the No.1 spot on DTT 2012 High Tech and High Increase list, and has been granted the honor to receive the top prize of “The best E-Commerce Company of 2012”. Following Tmall and, it is now the third-largest e-commerce site in China.

Launched in December 2008 and based in Guangzhou, Vipshop ranked the 115th in its 2017 China 500 listing as well as the top 3 B2C e-commerce retailer, according to the US Fortune magazine.

Vipshop cooperates with the well-known domestic and overseas brand agents and manufacturers, offering a lower price, high quality, and in-great-demand brand goods to mainland Chinese consumers. So far, there are over 10 thousand brands to collaborate with the platform and over 1600 brands that have authorized Vipshop to run special sales on its official website. The sale products include clothing items, shoes, beauty goods, luggage, home textiles, leather product, accessories, perfume.

Sales Model

According to I Research,’s online discount sales model is one of the three mainstream e-commerce models in China (as mentioned before, the other two are the marketplace model of Tmall and the general B2C model of So far, is ranked No.1 in China’s online discount market with a 38.1 percent market share.

Vipshop platform is increasing brand awareness among existing and potential customers through various marketing and promotional activities such as sponsoring high-profile events. The company makes great efforts to become a global first-class e-commerce company. In order to help the south China area to become the International e-commerce hub, the platform will interact in developing a framework of “thousand years urban business” and “Urban Business Website”.

Financial Services

Additionally, is building a financial service platform to provide users with services of financing, payment, wealth management services, and insurance. Internet Finance Division itself was founded at the end of 2015, and a consumer finance product attracted 5 million new users for the first year. Currently, 15 percent of orders are paid via the “VIP Expense”.

Currently, the company offers warehousing, logistics, procurement, research and development, consulting, and software development, and information technology support services. Alternatives : Crossborder Websites 

There are similar sites like to cover the same segment. The most popular of them are listed below:


SMZDM is the leading shopping site where you can buy clothes, shoes, cars accessories, and more at a discounted rate.

Efu China

EFU is China’s standard fashion media and clothing-related enterprise that offers info and prevailing trends in men, women, and kids’ fashion around the globe.



YHD is a well-known supermarket chain that offers groceries, clothes, shoes, daily wear, and more from different brands at a discounted rate.

Amazon China

And here is China’s best shopping portal – to purchase gadgets, kids toys, books, and all on one platform with great client support. Cross-Border Business

The company created a new e-commerce model known as “Brand Discount + Time-Limited Deals + Certified Products” and is successfully providing a pleasant and cost-effective online shopping experience to its customers.

In September 2014, the platform collaborated with Guangzhou Customs to launch “Global Special Offers”, promoting cross-border e-commerce into the new era.’s “Global Special Offers” adopt the “three receipts joint” model, which is the highest standard in the domestic cross-border e-commerce market in China. Successfully operating for three years they applied new business strategic: direct-purchase and self-support locally on certified products with no taxes.


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