Top Soft Drinks Distributors in China

(Update 2022) If you have a soft drink brand and want to enter the Chinese market (via distributors), this article is for you.

How are soft drinks rapidly spreading in China

In the country of tea, drinking consumption has evolved a lot nowadays. Local brands’ offer has diversified offering a multitude of choices in the non-alcoholic section: water, juices, iced teas, sodas, milk … And today, thanks to China’s opening to foreign culture, the offer is even wider since foreign brands have developed in the market.

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Chinese people are now used to well-known soft drinks brands like Coca-Cola, Sprite, Red Bull, and so on… They even started to consume coffee which is becoming very trendy right now.

Soft drinks market success in China

The Chinese soft drinks market is so huge that it has room for every brand, no matter if it is a local or a foreign brand.

For example, the large coffee distributor Starbucks Coffee opened its first shop in China 20 years ago, and today it has opened over 42 000 stores covering 177 Chinese cities. And on the other side, many other coffee brands, local or from abroad, are popping up and succeeding in China as Costa Coffee, Luckin Coffee, etc.…

Yes, this is a success story but it reveals the opportunity of the Chinese soft drinks market. Some foreign brands are already integrated into Chinese people’s daily life, and new ones are well welcomed!

Launching your soft drinks brand in China is giving you the chance to make your business grow and become a bigger player in what you do!

But first, let’s take a closer look into the market we are talking about:

  • About + 9% of annual market growth expected
  • Soft drinks section revenues of US$ 39,330m in 2020
  • With a huge potential for growth, the Chinese market is expected to become the world’s biggest soft drinks market
  • A growing interest in foreign soft drinks brands seen as healthier

Chinese favorite soft drinks are:

  • Bottled water
  • Fruit juice
  • Vegetable juice
  • Protein drinks

As you can see, their favorite soft drinks do not include sodas. That is because Chinese people are caring more about leading a healthy lifestyle. They used to be big consumers of carbonated soft drinks (such as colas, lemonade, or energy drinks) and are now shifting to non-carbonated soft drink consumption (such as juices, flavored waters, or ready-to-drink teas).

So, if you want to export your soft drinks into China and if you can bring something new to this market, or if you believe you can compete with local brands in this market, just undertake it!

Getting into the Chinese market is challenging, but it can only bring positive outcomes for your business. Especially if you work with a commercial partner like the GMA team that will help you through this process.

We start to help you now! Here is a list of the top soft drinks distributors in China.

Top Chinese soft drinks distributors

Chinese consumers buy soft drinks in restaurants, bars, vending machines, convenience stores, or supermarkets. And it’s the convenience stores and supermarkets that you have to aim at if you want to sell on a large scale:


Convenience stores:

  • Family Mart
  • Lawson


  • WuMart
  • Carrefour China
  • RT-Mart
  • Walmart


Don’t forget that online retail is omnipresent in China, and it includes food retail.

  • Tmall
  • JD.com (collaboration with Walmart)

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