Top retailers of Fashion & Apparel Brands in China

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Fashion rise in China

It’s not a secret for fashion foreign brands: Chinese people love fashion, new trends, and foreign clothes. Many foreign fashion brands met a big success in the Chinese market such as luxury brands (Gucci, Prada, Dior, Louis Vuitton, …), sportswear brands (Nike, Adidas, Fila, …) or fast fashion brands (Uniqlo, Zara, H&M, …). No matter the category of clothing brand getting in China, with the right marketing strategy, it can easily reach the right customers and be successful there.

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As Western lifestyle got exported into China with years, many foreign fashion brands followed this wave and established their business in this market.

Today, many foreign fashion brands have their physical stores in a big diversity of Chinese cities and usually, Chinese people have preferences for foreign clothes. They are seen as better quality, which can last longer, and more fashionable products.

With the middle-class rise and the increase of their disposable income, the fashion industry is booming in 2020. Accompanied by a growing interest in self-image and fashion, with more available money to spend, the sales evolution in the fashion retail sector in China is meeting the fastest growth rate since 2014.

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Fashion and apparel Chinese market

Yes, the sales of apparel and fashion products in China were already doing well, but currently, the market got bigger than the US market.

Incredible facts about China’s fashion market in 2020:

  • The world largest market apparel
  • Market size reaching US$348,700m in 2020
  • With a year-on-year growth at almost +8%
  • The fashion market is expected to reach US$464,006m by 2024
  • Over half a million outlets in China

And if you are curious to know more about it, here are what Chinese people love more and more about fashion:

  • Affordable but premium products
  • Fast fashion
  • Accessories
  • Streetwear (among Chinese youth)
  • Foreign fashion brands (especially if famous)

Note that China’s fashion market’s biggest segment is apparel representing over 63% of the market volume.

Why launching your products in China?

When it comes to the launch of any products, and especially in China, timing is an essential factor to take into consideration.

After the outbreak crisis period and many days staying alone at home, Chinese people want to hang out, go to the restaurant, try new things, and do shopping!

ONE, the market is currently booming there: perfect timing.

TWO, Chinese people are more than ever willing to spend their money, even more than usual: perfect timing.

THREE, foreign products are warmly welcomed and benefit from a positive image when coming into China…

In two words: it’s a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY!

Top fashion and apparel brands retailers in China

Selling your fashion and apparel products in China means distributing them in the best and most efficient way.

Here are the top retailers of fashion and apparel brands in China:

-Department store model: (premium)

-Franchise model: (mid-to high-end)

  • I.T.
  • 10 Corso Como
  • Sammy
  • The Villa
  • Aegis

Consignment model: (mid-to-high-end)

-Specialty model: (mid-to-high-end)


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