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Why exporting gems and precious metals in China?

Jewelry is a big part of Chinese culture. In people’s minds, pearls, gold and jade jewels are Chinese people’s jewels. Indeed, it’s in their traditions, but the jewelry market expanded a lot in recent years.

Jewels and especially luxury jewelry is one of the most lucrative and trendy markets in China. Chinese resellers are looking for importing gems and precious metals from abroad to satisfy the local demand that is constantly growing.

Indeed, on the one hand, we have the rise of the middle class in China that can afford to buy more expensive products. On the other hand, China is known to be a country where the number of millionaires and billionaires (let’s simply say rich people) exploded during the last decade.

 staff member at Chow Tai Fook arranges 24-karat gold items in th

It is thus a big opportunity to export gems and precious metals. Many Chinese jewelry manufacturers are looking for new sources of raw materials as KGK group, Magicb2b, or JewFactory. Some companies go to Africa or South America to directly buy gemstones and others directly come to China to sell their products and establish reliable deals.

Gems and precious metals can be sold to jewels producers, resellers, …

Here are some reasons why you should export gems and precious metals into China instead of in other countries:

  • Growing interest around jewelry, gems and precious metals as a product and for their value
  • Resellers with advanced knowledge in this area
  • Booming market with sales constantly growing for a few years

Gems and precious metals markets in China

The opportunity in these markets is real. You maybe need numbers and facts to be sure about it?

Here is the gems and precious metals market in China:

  • World second jewelry market in 2020
  • The first country in jewelry manufacturing
  • Imported 1300 tons of gold from abroad in 2016

Chinese resellers are mainly looking for high-quality gems, however precious and semi-precious gems are very demanded in China.

About precious metal for example, silver is mainly used for two purposes: industrial purpose and jewelry purpose. Indeed, silver is used a lot for photovoltaic production, electronic and electrical applications.

Plus, the sale of precious metals and gems are very grouped in the main cities such as:

  • Beijing
  • Shanghai
  • Shenzhen
  • Guangzhou

Let’s take the example of gold this time. To be able to answer to the market’s demand (mainly composed of wholesale gold demand, retail bar and jewelry demand), the supply in China comes in 1/3 from mining output while the 2/3 remaining come from import!

This is a typical example of why China needs to import precious metals and gems.

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  1. Hello
    We are an investment group and we would like to partner with Jewerly Gem Brands fro foreigner country.
    We would like partners that are serious about the Chinese market.

    Send your brand information to us or here.

    1. We are a rough gemstone miner from Tanzania in East Africa. We mine amethyst, ruby, green garnet, tomaline and many more. We would like to expand to the Chinese market. Hope to work with you

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