Top 15 China Kitchen Appliances resellers

The list of resellers of Home and Kitchen appliances in China, shops, resellers, and distributors. We also analyze the market trends in this article.

Chinese kitchen culture

Chinese food culture is very different from a province to another. But all the provinces share a common story: the way to prepare Chinese dishes. About 20 years ago, you would have to find the same kitchen equipment in every home or street restaurant: basic kitchen equipment.

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But today, you will find modern kitchen appliances that can control temperature, time, … The Chinese kitchen appliances standards have evolved with time and the arrival of new Western products.

Thus, Chinese brands also offer kitchen appliances and started to innovate in this sector. Chinese customers are real fans of modern innovative kitchen appliances and look forward to getting new of those, especially if they are better quality and innovative.

Chinese lifestyles are also shifting nowadays: consumption modes are changing, and it is also the case of cooking methods! The Chinese are more demanding than before and want kitchen appliances that will allow them to cook healthy products efficiently. 

Chinese kitchen appliance market

In 2017…

  • An RMB 62.7 billion market size in 2017
  • About + 8% growth rate in the same year

And in 2018…

  • Increased by RMB 7 billion in 2018
  • With a growth rate higher than 11%

What matters most Chinese customers are the quality and function of the kitchen appliances. High-end products market is dominated by foreign brands and you should note that Chinese are big fans of VERY modern kitchen appliances (smart appliances, with a screen, an intelligent time system, connected to the internet, …)

With the rise of the Chinese middle class and the expansion of the markets in third- and fourth-tier cities (less developed ones), the opportunities are multiplied. The demand will grow and there is a need that is not fulfilled yet in some parts of China.

Chinese people’s TOP 5 favorite kitchen appliances in 2020 are:

  1. Electric cookers (31% of market share)
  2. Range hoods (26% of market share)
  3. Baking utensils (23% of market share)
  4. Microwave ovens (15% of market share)
  5. Water dispensers (4% of market share)

And the products that are attracting a rising interest and becoming very trendy in the Chinese market are:

  • Coffee machines
  • Dishwasher (big to very tiny ones!)

You are a kitchen appliance brand and want to sell your products in China? It’s good news for you if you are selling products that are among the lists above!

You must have the right marketing strategy for your entry on this market, but also collaborate with the right resellers!

Kitchen appliances resellers in China

They are many ways to distribute kitchen appliances in China: through direct sales stores, online concept stores, county-based service centers, specialty stores, home appliance chain stores, …

Here are 15 kitchen appliances resellers in China:

First, physical Kitchen distributors in China

And online distributors…

Don’t forget that selling online can be more important than selling in physical stores. Indeed, a huge part of sales in China are done online, so don’t ignore this distribution channel!

Do you need help with selling your kitchen appliances brand in China?

We can help you to identify more importers/distributors/wholesalers and contact them. Send us your request here and we will contact you within 24h.

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