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If you are a seafood & Fish brand and you want to distribute your product in China, we can help you.

What you need to understand about China

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KPI and Results focused. We are the most visible Marketing Agency for China. Not because of huge spending but because of our SMART Strategies. Let us help you with: E-Commerce, Search Engine Optimization, Advertising, Weibo, WeChat, WeChat Store & PR.

China seafood economy: Premium lifestyle.

China’s seafood economy is huge and growing and is more dynamic than many people think.

Seafood is a premium product, and the Chinese love to eat well, eat healthily, and show their wealth.

Look what results we have when we search Seafood in Chinese on Baidu (Chinese Google)

Chinese Girls love to post pictures of themselves eating seafood on Social media

China has become a true superpower in the seafood industry

Production and consumption China is the top seafood economy in the world despite many roadblocks, pitfalls, and weaknesses.

Eight is considered the luckiest number in Chinese cultures. It carries connotations of success, prosperity, and high social standing. Here are eight key factors that influence the development of the Chinese seafood market.

Partners of China’s seafood industry

China’s “One Belt, One Road”, the initiative is an effective force that opens new markets across the hemisphere. China’s current president has made it his signature foreign policy initiative to reopen its Silk Road routes to improve integration with Chinese-funded infrastructure.

This will lead to increased Chinese exports. The original plan was focused on 64 countries that accounted for more than three-quarters of the seven billion global population. The plan focuses on rapidly-developing markets in Southeast Asia (South Asia), Central Asia (Central-eastern Europe), and Central Asia (Central Asia).

These are the areas where Chinese seafood export growth is most likely to occur.

South Asia opportunities

Southeast Asia is rapidly becoming an equivalent market to the United States and European Union for Chinese seafood exports. These regions have been a top priority for Chinese brands such as Huawei (smartphones and telecoms) or Lenovo (electronics), and now seafood and food brands are looking to do the same.

It is interesting to see that Fujian, the Chinese region with the highest growth in output and exports over the past few years, has ports close to many of the countries in the “One Belt, One Road” plan.

China’s seafood market.

China’s urbanization programs – a popular government tool to drive economic growth – suggest that more than 200 million rural Chinese will live in cities by 2022. This will create a lot of demand for food and other goods. The rise in urbanization has resulted in a significant increase in the consumption of packaged and convenience foodstuffs. However, Chinese savings rates are quite high by Western standards.

China has rapidly become the second-largest destination for Canadian lobster

We can help you to sell in China, and develop your distribution.

we can

  • Identify Distributors
  • contact, negotiate and manage chinese distributors
  • Analyze your product-market fit
  • Study your competitors
  • Marketing campaign
  • Strategy to engage with supermarkets, big importers


We have successful experiences with Seafood brands in China, and we can help you to develop your business in China.

We know how to sell, and what Chinese distributors really want.

Contact our Mr. Seafood


With the Digital and eCommerce development in China, you can develop faster your distribution network in China

We have helped Century Pacific food, a leading Tuna Brand to develop its branding and awareness in China to develop new distribution and sales.

ROI: Return On Investment

We are business focus and we know how China is working, and how Chinese agents and distributors work.

We want to make your business successful and profitable.

Marketing to Distribution because in China, Branding is everything

We set up an effective campaign to recruit distributors for your brands of Food.

Social media and influencers are the best tools distributors use to search for collaboration in China.

E-Commerce, Tmall

Did you know Tmall has a specific website for Fresh Food 80% dedicated to seafood?


We can help you to sell on Tmall directly or via online distributors.

Seafood Case studies: sell 3 million USD in one month

We have helped Lyfen a Chinese Brand to sell USD 3 million of products for their new line of seafood during the moon cake festival.

Do you want to have a full report, contact us?

Supermarket & offline distribution

We know the largest Chinese distributors and supermarkets and can introduce you after your products match their expectations. Entering supermarkets is a high investment and needs a good structure in China.

  • Carrefour,
  • Auchan
  • Tesco
  • HyperMart
  • Etc

We have helped this brand of fishery & Seafood to develop its Reputation and distribution in China.

(confidential results)

Read more about supermarkets in China

Contact us to know more information and talk to our seafood expert

  • please be serious and send us valuable information.
  • Enter China has a cost, nobody wants only on commission.
  • Chinese distributors want to brand and quality.

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