A new ecological innovation in China

The pollution causes some damage in the World in general and in China in particular. Many researchers realized some projects for the preservation of our environment.

A new ecological innovation


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some researchers have the goal to reduce and eliminate some harmful wastes and paper is one of them. These researchers have set up a printable paper to ultraviolet light.

This is the result of research conducted by Wenzhou Wang and his colleagues from Shandong University in China, the University of California, Riverside, and the laboratory national Lawrence-Berkeley. They have designed a paper able to fade under the influence of heat to 120 degrees Celsius, and on which it would be possible to write more than 80 times.


This paper is composed of nano particles to be printed and reprinted with ultraviolet light. After five days, the printed text breaks down slowly and resumes its original blue color.

Significant economic and environmental impact


The paper represents 30% of the waste in the world. Even the recycling contributes to pollution due to the process of removing the ink, without to mention the consequences of deforestation. So this innovation could have an economic and environmental impact for our society.

With these new proceeds, it would be possible to imagine using this magical ink on sheets of special paper to print temporary information (advertising, newspapers, magazines, memos, schedules, etc.).

Cost of this new ecological “jewel”



This innovation would not be too expensive to produce and also could compete with the current price of the paper. 

Actually, there are three organizations are working to find the technology that will democratize the use of their discovery.

“Our next step is to build a laser printer that uses this re-printable paper, in order to allow faster printing. We will also look for effective methods to be able to print in all colors, “Says Yadong Yin.

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