Ready-Made & Pre-mixed Cocktails market is increasing in China

China’s Pre-mixed Cocktails market

In recent years, the global ready-to-drink and premixes market in China has shown consequent growth. There is increasing consumer demand for innovative and qualitative drinks. Asia Pacific region accounts for the largest market share, whereas Western countries influence consumer behavior across the world.

In China, the demand is high among young consumers. The ready-to-drink category delivers on convenience, as there is no need for preparations, unlike mixed alcoholic drinks. The brand RIO, holds the biggest market share, but in recent years, many new players have entered the market, this resulted in an increase in sales and competition.

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The RTD market in China may be small at the moment but it is predicted to increase exponentially. In 2020 the RTD market is estimated to have reached USD 5 billion. In the last ten years, the performance of RTDs and pre-mixed cocktails has been negatively affected by the recession, but both local and foreign brands are optimistic about the rising demand among consumers.

Alcohol-based RTDs are preferred by Chinese drinkers. They are convenient, easy to consume, and drastically cheaper than the regular cocktails offered in bars. In the upcoming years, sales volumes of these types of beverages are expected to surge to up to 150 million liters. Currently, ready-to-drink in China is widely sold in both off-trade and on-trade channels.

Among the wide variety of alcoholic RTDs drinks in China, the local brand RIO is by far the most popular and holds the largest market share. The products are available in more than 260 major cities and in more than 1000 county cities in China. RIO alcopops are also sold in neighboring Asian countries, as well as Italy and Spain.

Ready to drink cocktail is a flourishing market 

Considered to be a niche category, the ready-to-drink (RTDs) market in China is currently not so popular indeed it has a limited number of consumers. Most of these drinkers are young Chinese consumers. Moreover, pre-mixed cocktails have caught the attention of trend-conscious young women between 20 and 30 years old.

From the taste all the way to the packaging, domestic and imported brands have customized their products in order to cater to the consumer’s needs and demands. RTDs tend to have low alcohol intake and have a soft-drink-type taste. Most of them also have fun and attractive colors added to stylish packaging.

Premade Cocktail on a Weibo Store

Beverage makers highlight the convenience the RTDs offer through their marketing campaigns. Bottled cocktails are easy to transport and consume, making them the perfect beverages while attending karaokes, clubs, and even home parties. They make as light, refreshing alternatives to regular wine or beer.

Alcoholic RTDs are mainly spirit-based, malt-based, or wine-based alcoholic beverages. Also known as alcopops. There is also another type of premixes that are considered high-strength but these, cater to drinkers who are looking for beverages with higher alcohol content.

Geographic & demographic targeting

China’s RTDs market is unique and complex. Yet, many companies try to enter it without knowing where their product is likely to find the most success, who will buy it, and who they should be working with to sell it. Knowing your target market for your RTDs and premixed drinks is essential and targeting the ideal customer profile is the key to your success in the Chinese market. 

Tips to market your premade cocktail brand in China

In order for ready-to-drink companies to succeed in the Chinese market, companies should :

  1. Understand the market’s competition and learn about your concurrents
  2. Identify the best local markets to target
  3. Develop the right pricing strategy
  4. Craft a successful branding and digital marketing strategy and a strong Online presence to reassure customers and potential business partners.
  5. After a few months of working on your Online reputation and now that you have negotiating power, actively look for a locals partner

Promoting your brand and attracting Chinese customers

Social media

WeChat, Douyin, and Weibo have been attracting millions of users, making China the world’s biggest social media market, these also represent potential customers for you if you manage to interest and attract them!

Douyin is particularly efficient to reach out to your (younger) target audience. Short videos are also an entertaining way to have people discover your brand.

Rio – Mini-program Wechat

Companies that intend to succeed in the Chinese market must develop a good digital marketing strategy on the aforementioned platforms. We help you create and manage an active community on social media that will generate engagement and awareness of your brands. In other terms, use communities to spread the word and increase your online presence.

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