Bali Travel Agency

Bali Travel Agency to China

TourFromBali is a leading travel agency in Bali. They offer many packages for travelling in Bali and in Indonesia. They focus on offering the best services for their customers and are actually having leads from all over the world. They’d like to expand their market to China, and still keep their international market growing.

Our Missions


  • We work on ranking their website better on Google, on targeted keywords
  • We do the same on Baidu, the most popular Chinese search engine.
  • We write contents for their website, optimized ones for the SEO on both Google and Baidu.


Work on the Reputation of the Agency online. 

Advertising Campaign

Media Buying on Chinese Platform 


  • Traffic Acquisition 
  • Baidu SEM 
  • tracking performance 
  • Anti Fraud 

Trip Advisor

Campaign on Chinese Trip Advisor Platform  to generate asking 


Influencers Campaign 

Social media management

We reach larger audience through marketing on social media 

  • WeChat 
  • Weibo 
  • Facebook 

Web Design

Webdesign to optimize Performance 


ReMarketing Campaign to retarget Chinese Audience 


The amazing Story of Tour From Bali, the Leading travel agency amon Chinese Tourists to Bali. How this startup starts, grows, scale and succeed in China

Tourism is a flourishing industry in Asia, especially in China. With nearly 60 million of outbound Chinese tourists in China in 2016, Chinese market represents one of the largest in the world, with still a great potentiality. Chinese people going on travel is a growing trend, thanks to their better living standards nowadays. Bali is among the 10 best destinations according to Chinese people.


Leads within one year


Traffic per year

Top SEO ranking


YoY Growth

We are the most visible online marketing agency in China

We work on KPI and ROI. We make money when you make money.

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