Textile Machinery

Textile Manufacturer in China

Communication campaign for a  French manufacturing group, has announced acquisition of all assets of SwissTex France SAS, under the new name Verdol. China Marketing B2B strategy has been focused on lead Generation. 

Reyes Group, a specialist in electromechanical equipment for energy markets, has a factory in China and a commercial team, a communication campaign on Baidu and Chinese Media will help the business.  


 Missions : Lead Generation


Seo campaign on Google and Baidu 

eBranding Campaign

video & Photo – Consulting 


SEM campaign on Baidu 


Social Media Campaign on WeChat 


Ereputation campaign for this industrial group to Chinese Profesional Audience

Web Design

Web Design – Content Marketing 


B2B marketing to Chinese Industrial Buyers 


Leads /Month

Media Coverage




Business Growth

Nous sommes l'Agence Digitale la plus Visible pour le Marché Chinois.

Et nous travaillons pour nous comme pour nos Clients : le Retour sur Investissement au Coeur de notre Démarche.

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