Provence Travel Agency

Provence Travel Agency

Provence Tour is a travel agency based in Provence, South of France. They want to attract Chinese Tourists.

Provence Panorama is a company minibus transport which organizes trips through Provence known but more importantly, Provence off the beaten path.

This travel company boasts a passion for cause by the home team, service and pleased to discover a “secret and authentic Provence.”

They also have a rental car with drivers of standard vehicle luxury vehicle, our VIP service offers to take care of all the logistics of passenger transport for seminars, events weddings

Our Mission

The Amazing Story of this Provence travel agency that deal with thousands of Chinese Independant travellers every year. Discover their Strategy for “China”

SEO campaign

We provide SEO campaign to Provence tour for the Chinese market, starting from Audit, Keywords strategy to action plan.


Ereputation Campaign – Word of Mouth Marketing 


We provide a Pay per click Campaign, on Baidu. We have translate the content and make special guideline to optimise website for Users, Chinese Tourists.


  1. SEO ranking and increase Chinese visitors on the website
  2. Ereputation 
  3. Traffic acquisition via targetted avertising Campaign 

We are the most visible online marketing agency in China

We work on KPI and ROI. We make money when you make money.

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