Chinese Furniture Factory

Nakesi design a Chinese Furniture Factory

Nakesi is a top Chinese furniture company. They are convinced they can produce “nicely made in China” furniture. Their goal is to provide Chinese households fashion designed and high quality made furniture. They describe themselves as “one of the best examples of a successful company that produce high quality furniture.

Our Missions

Google SEO

We work on ranking their website better on Google, on targeted keywords.


Work on different Ways to leverage Traffic to Website and generate leads 

Content optimization

We write contents for their website, optimized ones for the SEO on Google, but also great contents to generate leads.


How a Chinese Furniture Factory can generate Leads from Western Buyers? 

Furniture manufacturing market keeps increasing year-on-year. With their living standards still improving, Chinese households are more and more willing to invest money and efforts in home decoration. More and more also want to purchase high quality furniture, so they are more reliable and can last longer. They are also looking for furniture with good design to show their good tastes and their customized house

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