Food Factory Processing

A Private Food processing Factory targeting China Market



  1. Website Building 
  2. Website Design 
  3. Translation and geocolisation of Content 
  4. Optimisation for Baidu
  5. Hosting in China 



Chinese Website 



Localisation of Content and SEO basic optimisation for Baidu 

This Food Factory is specialized in 

  • Genetics 
  • Farm building /  management support
  • Animal feed Factory – health Engineering 
  • Slaughtering and meat processing factoring
  • Meat distribution
  • Environment

Producing 6 million pigs per year, the Cooperl group is leading integrated pork producer in Europe


Challenges : 

Let Chinese Professional Discover this Companies Services

B2B communication 

Specific Vocabulary 

Localisation for Chinese Professional audience 

Nous sommes l'Agence Digitale la plus Visible pour le Marché Chinois.

Et nous travaillons pour nous comme pour nos Clients : le Retour sur Investissement au Coeur de notre Démarche.

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