Canned Fresh Air

Canned Fresh Air from New Zealand

Promote New Brand of Cannes Air from New Zealand

Fesh air is a luxury in some areas of China. Chinese Mother craved a breeze of fresh mountain air in your own home? Well, China is going above to fulfill the craziest fantasies that could ever cross one’s mind Breath Fresh Air.

Dd you ever think it would be possible to purchase a can of AIR for around $20?


It has become a “thriving business” as residents in China struggle with choking smog in the northern areas of the country this winter, the Beijing Youth Daily reported.

A bottle of fresh air from Weihai, in East China’s Shandong province, is priced 5 yuan at an online outlet called “Weihai Hongyu Diaoju”.

Imported air is more expensive. For example, the bottled air branded Vitality Air from Canada costs 108 yuan for a bottle of 7.2 litres, and air from New Zealand costs 219 yuan for a bottle of 7.7 litres.



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