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Brasserie de Monaco

Discover the launch of this New Beer Brand in China, from Monaco, premium Beer targetted the high end market in China. The Strategy has been focused  on digital Marketing to reach Chinese Distributors and Resellers.

Brand Story : the Brasserie brewery begun life in 1905 in Monaco. It was later destroyed in 1970 and then rebuilt on ‘Hercule’s Harbour’ in 1998. The brewery produces an artisan, non-filtrated beer, destined for the region’s luxurious hotels and restaurants. It is presented in a premium bottle and reflects Monaco’s luxurious and decadent spirit.

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Alcohol consumption in China is increasing rapidly! Consumers are always searching for information on websites and asking for advice from their social network, what you choose to drink is an important status symbol in China. As an alcoholic brand you need to be present on digital platforms and create a positive reputation by targeting communities in order to attract more customers.

The objective is to obtain a better e-reputation to facilitate their distribution in China.


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