Book Launch

Fantasy Book Launch to China

On a winter morning, in an isolated house during a blizzard, dark forces assemble to try to locate the source of eternal life in order to annihilate the world. The Heavenly Rose, a vial that can bring eternal life – or destruction – is in demand.
Hell, the devil incarnate, wants the Rose. So does Zaxia, the daughter of Merida, and if she doesn’t get it her accursed mother will die at sunset and the world will end, both destroyed by Hell. Zaxia must acquir

Our Missions


Let Chinese Medias Speak about this new Book 

Word Of Mouth

Create Conversation and engagement on Forums about this new style of Book 

E-Commerce Registration

Register the book into Chinese E-Commerce platform, Amazon China, Dangdang 

Top Challenges

Launch of this book in China


Media Coverage


Number of Sales Platform

Traffic to Store

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