Probiotics in China : what s the best distribution?

Do you want to sell your probiotics in China? Do you want to know the best distribution strategy for China? China market for probiotics is valued at US$8,149.466 millions in 2019. It is expected to grow at an 8.81% CAGR to reach a market value of US$13.527.100 million by 2020.

China Probiotics Market

Probiotics can improve gut health by improving digestion, intestinal tracts and bowel function. Probiotic foods and beverages, as well as dietary supplements that provide basic nutrition and enhance health, are becoming more popular due to increasing awareness about the link between diet and health. Probiotics are increasingly sought after in functional foods and beverages due to rising intake of processed foods, poor lifestyle choices, and an increased amount of information available from media and health authorities about nutrition and the relationship between diet and health. The market is growing because probiotics are essential for animal husbandry to ensure that animals remain healthy and free from disease.

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Case study

Tianyou Dairy has launched an oil killer probiotic ready to eat. The product includes four strains of probiotics from abroad. It also contains Tianyou’s unique probiotics “Bifidobacterium TY-S01”, which was jointly developed and researched by China Agricultural University. According to reports, “Bifidobacterium Lactis TY-01” was developed specifically for Chongqing’s “Oil Eater”. Each box of probiotics contains 200 million CFU live bacteria. This helps regulate the intestinal flora and eliminates the greasy feeling. To further ease the intestinal burden, each probiotic strip contains only 5.5Kcal, >=4.3g of dietary fiber and light sugar. source

Probiotics distributors in China

We have a list of probiotic distributors in China, and we can help you to contact them.

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E-Commerce of probiotics in China

Crossborder is the best option for brands.

“Tmall Global” allows non-Chinese companies to sell products to Chinese customers without the need for local licenses or permits. Foreign brands can also select their own warehouse and home bank accounts instead of a Chinese bank account when selling on Tmall.

When should health brands go with Tmall Global?

The biggest pro of selling on Tmall Global is obviously not having to apply for a Chinese business license. Another one is, that sellers pay fewer taxes when using cross-border eCommerce in China.

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