Prada collaborates with a Chinese celebrity

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Prada collabore avec une célébrité chinoise


Recently, Prada (Italian luxury brand) released a one-and-a-half minute video for the campaign that met Kun in star.

This video was created by contemporary Chinese artist Cao Fei, who is known for making art commenting on abrupt changes in Chinese society today.

In China, collaboration with a maybe celebrity is the key to success for a brand.

From now on, Prada is now entering the campaign of influencers (campaign of influencers correspond to all practices that aim to the user the potential of a recommendation of influencers) of the country.


1) Who is Kun?

Kun first gained fame after appearing on the reality show Idol Producer, and later became a member of the boy band Nine Percent.

With more than 24.6 million followers on Weibo, it is the latest favorite of Chinese youth. Kun recently crowned as the most buzzing star on social media in our April and May celebrity index; largely because of its online disputes such as its ongoing legal battle against the Chinese company Bilibili (video sharing company).


2) Prada’s entry with an influence campaign

Last week, as part of its men’s fall/winter 2019 collection, Prada launched a new campaign, Code Human, featuring Chinese singer, rapper and rapper Cai Xukun.

This is great news for the millions of Kun fans, who are always ready for their favorite support star with their purchasing power.

Moreover, this collaboration represents a great test jump for the Italian fashion house, which rarely attaches its name to a celebrity, let alone when it is Chinese.

a) A masterstroke of the brand

Prada began to grow aggressively in China, both through exhibition and sales channels.

Nearly a week after the Kun campaign was announced, the brand hosted its first-ever men’s spring/summer 2020 fashion show in Shanghai, while launching on Chinese e-commerce platforms and Secoo.

On June 10, Prada’s share price was up 6% on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange at $23.65; with a market value of more than $60.4 billion.

b) A highly sought-after video

The video intelligently examines the state of the “idol culture” that is currently sweeping China. The story takes place in the future, where Kun, a visitor, met his feet in a “Museum of Humanity” and is perplexed by a man who resembles him from every point of view.

This video is intended to make viewers wonder “who is the real or original Kun?”.

In the future, it will be a question regarding the ethical idea of the American man, Fei said in a statement. “Like clones, there is a conflict between the species.

The video also seems to allude to the dual identity of Kun, Kun the idol from his fans against the regular human Kun, demanding that viewers that they what version of their idol they want to keep.

The campaign itself does not denigrate – or praise – idol culture, because either would risk alienating Chinese consumers.

c) A positive reaction on networks

So far, online feedback from fans is extremely positive, and the campaign, which began on Weibo, a summer passed on by more than a million people, has nearly shared a photo of their purchase receipt as a sign of support.

Even some of the toughest fashion critics in China liked the Prada campaign, most of them like Kun as Prada’s latest spokesperson. Among the posts that have generated more than 10,000 views on WeChat, Chris on recognized Prada’s effort to remain relevant to the current generation by collaborating with more diverse male stars in China (and around the world) like Kun.



More and more brands are making these kinds of casual collaborations with Chinese celebrities. This marketing strategy is very effective in a country like China where an influencer campaign is essential to attract consumers.

Indeed, the culture of KOL has never been more important in China and so useful to luxury brands.



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