“Organic Wine, a new trend among Wine lovers in China”

Today we interview Gin Wang, managing director of the French Cellar China, and invite him to speak about organic Wine in China among Wine Lovers.

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Jin wang

1/ Can you introduce yourself and your company ?

My name is Jin Wang, I am trained and working in Australia and Singapore, I have been a wine sommelier and businessman for six years starting from my early life in Barossa Valley, Australia. This year (2015), I and my Singaporean and French partners have brought our wine business to Shanghai and created its Chinese branch – The French Cellar China (法兰酒窖). It is a wine brand focusing on artisanal organic French wines that are selected exclusively by the world-class 3-star Michelin sommelier, Nicolas Rebut. The brand was founded in Singapore in 2013 and has expanded to Hong Kong in 2014. The monthly subscription is the service we are providing, allowing customers to experience various authentic wines picked directly from the vineyards in France by Mr. Nicolas Rebut. We also offer a range of labels for retailing and gifting. https://www.youtube.com/embed/dp7bI_hPewo

2/ What are the new trends on wine consumption in China ?

More new generation starts to care about what they are drinking and, be willing to pick up knowledge of wine appreciation. In fact, though the luxury wine market is inescapably dropping, the individual consumption is seen to grow as well as the quality of the products are more qualified. I have also noticed that more and more consumers turn their attention to those well-made Chinese local wines such as the bottles produced from the vineyards on west China.  

3/ Organic Wines in China , Why many consumers start to appreciate

Two reasons I guess: one is organic wine has more characters and values to discover – they are unique and different. People are going to look for something with more personality when they are more and more into it, just like coffee and tea, the more you learnt and tried, the more interesting things you will be seeking for. The other reason is people these days care more about their health and the quality of food and drinks. Since organic wines are with minimum artificial inputs, the side effect and health risks of drinking them are much smaller.  

organic Wine

4/ What is the difference between organic and non organic wine ?

In general, organic means to limit the human intervention during the farming and producing process. Organic philosophy starts from farmlands – very limited chemicals such as pesticides or fertilizers are allowed to used for agriculture process. During the producing process, the organic wine makers usually will not or use only a tiny quantity of addictive no matter for fermenting, bottling or cellaring. Organic wines usually have more characters, reflect better the terroir and unique to other batches in terms of vintages, origins, winemaking methods, aging ways, etc.  

5/ Can you speak about Biodynamic Wine , is it popular in China ?

Biodynamic wines are not highly popular yet in China but definitely more attention has been drew onto it. Literally no one can clearly define the concept of ‘biodynamic’ as it is a very loose definition (at least to me and the people I knew from the industry). Though every person can have their own thoughts of biodynamic, in general, it is a more restricted wine producing way comparing to organic process: during farming, some natural ways for pest controlling (snakes, frogs) and weeding (boiling water, salt) are used to replace chemical use, while during the producing process, artificial inputs are more strictly limited or even prohibited. On the other, some producers suggest to cope with the agriculture and producing process based on astrology or even apothecary philosophies, e.g. irrigating the vines based on the state of moon, or burn the soil together the weed for filtering the wines. There are many interesting but also strange ways people use to create biodynamic wines but in general, the wines produced in this style are with more personalities, specialties, and interests to discover.    

6/ What are the benefit for Consumption of Organic Wine ?

More interesting to experience, less health risk to bear.  

7/ You sell organic Wine, could you introduce 3 f your best organic Wines ?

MAS DES AGRUNELLES Rouge ‘Carmin’ 2009 – the most precious wine full of love and passion from the winemaker Frederic Porro. DOMAINE ALBERT MANN Cremant d’Alsace Brut 2011 – fine, elegant, stylish but also fresh and easy-going, the best for cheering up. DOMAINE DU MONTEILLET STEPHANE MONTEZ Condrieu Les Grandes Chaillees 2011 – Fresh, floral, and complex unbelievably, this is a white from one of the top Rhone producers. Well-representing the local terroir of Condrieu and the variety Viognier, a must-try from us. More information on their LinkedIn.

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  1. Temple Bruer Winery estimates as much as a 25 percent boost in its export market after attaining full organic certification in China.

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