Online Shopping Statistics of China

The trend of online shopping has been increased in this decade and people from all over the world shop online. This shows the interest of the people and their confidence in brands that will deliver them their required and selected items. Companies and countries statistics showing that the people from all over the world not changing their lifestyles and showing their interest to buy anything online instead of personal visits and spending on precious time and energy to go personally and to shop anything from a number of items. Online stores give full authentication and support to view anything from different angles and buy anything which the users want to enjoy. The amazing world of China is also shifting to online resources to quickly access the desired items and immediately access online shopping facilities.

The national hobby is the Shopping !

fan BingThe people of China love to shop online and have given us few formidable challengers for Amazon and eBay. shopping trend has also been increased from past days. The profit has raised almost 1.7 billion. China’s Amazon is Alibaba Online Shopping Store which has its own IPO and getting progress day by day. The worth of the online shopping stores in China has been increased and which is giving more and more relations to their regular clients to add their products and earn handsome profits. Online shopping statistics of China are satisfactory and have great back resources which help investors and products manufacturers to pay their full concentration to plan about new products as per the demand of their clients and find a huge catalog of shoppings.

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Online Shopping Trends of Chinese People


People of China have been developed and this change is in overall China. People have more wealth and are comparatively in the best conditions as compared with the previous decade. The lifestyle of Chinese people has been developed and they like to use quality products and services and never compromise on quality and standards.  

Chinese are more and more rich

Now millions of Chinese are milliners and billionaires. They have their own established businesses and earn handsome profits by exporting different products to the world. Online shipping trends of Chinese people have been developed and they are mostly using luxurious items as compared with usual items. There are numerous shopping malls which is giving online shopping access and Alibaba is one of thousands of online shopping stores. From small level to advance level, from low priced to high priced each and every range of product is available online which save money, travel cost and energy cost of transportation.  

Online Nation

Due to reforms in information technology by the Chinese government and trends of the Chinese nation into online shopping, most people like to buy online shopping and save their time and energy of personal visits. The income level of the Chinese nation has been increased and they can afford quality and branded products but still, most Chinese prefer to buy China-made products and they never compromise on quality and standards, and they only like China-made items. ecommerce

Best Online Shopping Stores of China

There are numerous popular online shopping stores worldwide that have remarkable progress and are very famous almost everywhere in the world but in China, the trend is different. eBay and Amazon are not allowed in China but Alibaba has a good brand reputation all across China. Lots of other shopping brands are also active and serving the nation in great ways but there is no one who is closer to the Alibaba shopping store.

Shoppings Websites in China

People show their full interest and trust to buy quality items from Alibaba shopping stores as compared with others. LightintheBox, DX, DealsMachine, Sammy dress, Bang good, EachBuyer, Focal price, Tmart, Everbuying, China Buye, CNDirect, HighQualityBuy, NewFrog, LighTake, DinoDriect, AliExpress are the best online shopping stores of China. Chinese shopping is becoming more and more attractive and easy. All the heightened stores offer the best and reasonable prices. Online shopping stores of China have the best reputation in all across China which greatly influences other competitors to launch low-priced items and offer people to buy immediately.

E-Commerce Sales Trends in China

Chinese people are changing their lifestyles and living standards. They are shifting from traditional to modern lifestyles and the importance of online shopping stores has been increased. Every wise person knows how to save their time and energy to personally go and spent hours on shopping or to find a quality item either online shopping gives them relaxations and facilities to save their costs of travel and energy to find specific items. E-commerce trends in China have got a remarkable role and much importance for local and international brands to take more and more interest and to find quick and easy ways to find desired items at doorsteps. Drones are also used for delivering products and the concept of new technology has changed the living standards of the Chinese people. The E-commerce trend is getting popularity all across China and creating more and more spaces for investors to make investments in online websites and introduce unique ideas and authentic plans to market their ideas.

Number of Transaction on Online Shopping Stores !

The total E-commerce sale of China in 2015 is $672. China’s share of global retail eCommerce sales is 40%. Online grocery products % of Chinese consumers are 46%. The percentage of shopping money spent online in Asia that comes from China is 60%. The percentage of people in China that have used a mobile phone to buy a product is 77%. Users of Alibaba shopping store is 350 million active users, Average number of transactions through Alibaba proceeds 85.900 per second per day. Alibaba’s share of China’s mobile shopping market is 89%. 10 figures about Chinese e-Commerce provides the best guidelines to shop anything online. These are the major estimates of Chinese markets which prefer to buy anything from online shopping stores and show their worth among Chinese people. All the major brands are going to launch their online shopping resources like websites/blogs to convey their instant messages and discount offers for Chinese people to come and enjoy limited plan offers.  

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  3. The shopping land scape in China is like shift sand you could link it to HUGE Webcompanies like Alibaba, or WeChat constantly innovating the way how we all live our lives here in China with unmanned stores, virtual wallets and overhauling ecommerce as we know it…
    Good overview of the Chinese market …
    Consumers Upgrade

    Increased wealth among Chinese consumers meant that Chinese People are often willing to pay up for product upgrades,
    + superior experiences
    + innovative product .

    New shopping experience seekers have helped drive 10% annual growth in the leisure sector since 2011 according to OC&C Consultants

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