A new anti-corruption app in China

No further administration or fields move forward without technology. New apps are always appreciated in China. The launch of a new app on smartphone to struggle against corruption by the Chinese Communist Party is the evidence. While the Chinese Communist Party works with discretion, the campaign for anti-corruption set in by Xi Jinping, the 1st president will be executed using any means including social media.

Corruption in China

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Corruption has been plaguing China for a long time, and this at every levels of the government, from the lowest officials to the elite of the Chinese government (from “tigers” to “flies”). To face it, Xi Jinping’s quinquennial plan develop a deep investigation and take stern disciplinary measures against the culprits. At least 25 000 peoples of all functions were suspected and some were arrested and punished for corruption.


Moreover the fact to broadcast on live the lawsuit of Bo Xilai (responsible of Chinese Communist Party in Chongqing and rising star of Chinese communist party) give to the actual communist party a strong power with irrefutability, in addition to insist on being merciless against corrupted people. We can talk about some civil servant who were unable to hide the situation like Ji Jianye (Nankin’s mayor), Yan Gangping (ex secretary of CCP board), Guo Xiancheng (ex vice-president of local university), Tian Yubao (ex head of Chinese police), even Jiang Zemin (ex Chinese president) or also recently Chen Jianzhou ( work in transports of police fall in January  2015). The culprits are often accused to accept backhanders, misappropriation of public funds or any abuse of power. This campaign against corruption has already brought a remarkable reduction of corruption in China. In Macao, some casinos ‘owners see their number of customers and players decrease due to the anti-corruption campaign.

Furthermore, Mo Yang who received the Nobel prize in literature say that campaign go over his expectations because “Currently, in publics area, restaurants or luxury bars, it’s hard to see civil servant spending public money or official cars in parking. Moreover, before, inviting 2 or 3 peoples, they order a lot of foods, but now, they are more reasonable and pay more attention. They are also rather economical. People are satisfied with this situation.”

A new app arrival

Mo Yang, is also the sponsor of the new app launched the 1st January, 2015 and downloadable on Iphone and android phone. In addition to referring the content of Zhong Ji Wei, the disciplinary committee, the app gives access to the latest news and updates about some anti-corruption initiatives and commitments. The 1st 2015 anti-corruption commitment begins with the phrase “always on the road “, meaning no mercy for corruption. Xi Jinping and the CCP hope this app will  raise the awareness of Chinese people, increase the audience and especially push people to be earnest


It seems that even the Chinese government has started to rely heavily on social media to extend its reach over the Chinese population. This anti-corruption app will undoubtedly give a sense of freshness from the Chinese government to its people. Their strategy become more and more elaborate if not increasingly subtle.

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